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VIDEO: The Sad, Sad Tale Of Not Having Active Failover And How Dyn Can Help

We’ve all been there, feeling helpless and literally down when there’s a server crash or when your datacenter has some issues. There you are, sitting at your computer losing hits, clicks and cash because your site isn’t available. You know that it’s not your fault, but the visitors you’re losing do not.

Thankfully, your friends here at Dyn have a solution: Dynect Active Failover, available to any customers using our Enterprise DNS service, the Dynect Platform. Simply put, it ensures that you’re always up and available to your users.

How the heck does that work?

We monitor on HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP or ICMP/Ping from multiple locations ’round the clock. If a failure is detected at one of your locations, that location will automatically be removed from the pool of available servers and traffic will be re-routed to an alternative location that you have pre-established using the Dynect Platform’s Web interface. You can also use your own internal monitoring setup that can be integrated with our Platform’s API.

Then what?

Your site stays up, period. You don’t have to buy additional hardware and you’ll save money and resources by having your site up 24/7. It’s easy to configure and work with. (Do I need to keep going?)

We help people. Click the image for video proof.

Dynect Active Failover

How can we help you?

If you’re not a customer of ours yet, contact us and get all the deets. If you are a customer, contact your sales rep for more information.

Dynect Active Failover from Dyn. Uptime is the bottom line.

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