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VIDEO: Our Reach the Beach 2013 Experience, How You Can Help Us

Dyn Reach The Beach 2013
#DynRTB 2013

What were you doing at 2:30 AM on Saturday, September 14th? For 12 of our current and former employees, we were in the middle of the 200 mile (205.18 to be precise) running relay race known as Reach the Beach Relay, starting at Cannon Mountain and finishing at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.

Sleeping you say? Some of our team was also sleeping. Three were sleeping in a passenger van, one was sleeping on the ground, and two were sleeping on top of picnic tables at Bear Brook State Park, one of the major transition areas. The other six teammates were each taking a turn running towards Van 1 somewhere between Gilford, NH, and Allenstown, NH.

Now I know what you might be thinking. “You are crazy. All twelve of you. Why on earth would you want to run 200 miles for fun all throughout the night?”

There’s a few reasons.


As you may already know, we are fortunate enough to have awesome health benefits, and have a management team who understands that by enabling employees to become fit and train for big events, we are more likely to engage in healthy activities. Many of us have been training for this event for over six months, while others started the day after the 2012 Reach the Beach edition.


There is no denying that an event such as Reach the Beach is fun for those who participate, and you are obviously more likely to stick with an activity that is fun. For example, after I graduated from college, I fell out of a normal exercise routine. After the 2012 running of Reach the Beach, I was excited for running again, lost 25 pounds, completed four half marathons, and a full century (100 miles) on a bike.

But there are other fitness activities that Dyn helps employees participate in like:

  • White Mountain Gran Fondo: a 25, 50, or 100 mile bike ride in the New Hampshire White Mountains
  • Cigna 5k – One of New England’s largest mass start running races
  • A company soccer team


Dyn knows that its people work better together when they get to know each other, one of the reason we have ping pong tables, video games, and foosball. You get to know your fellow co-worker better than you did before. Reach the Beach is like that.

We had teammates in various departments including finance, accounting, sales, implementation, engineering, and marketing. You get to know your co-workers when you spend just over 29 hours in a van with them. Sometimes, you even get some solid work discussions between departments which gives interesting perspective on how you can help each other.

Beautiful Scenery

While the 2013 running of Reach the Beach had rain while in the White Mountains, it is still an incredibly beautiful place. Beautiful roads, long valleys, mountains in mist, etc. Reach the Beach and other events Dyn employees participate highlight the beauty of New Hampshire.

Brand Recognition

There were at least three individuals who came up to a member of our team asking about Dyn. Competing in a massive event like Reach the Beach put our logo in front of thousands of people. There were well over 450 teams with most having twelve individuals on their team. I’ve also been stopped on a bike ride (while wearing the Dyn team kit) and chatted with someone about our company. People are recognizing the Dyn logos and want to talk more about what we do and how we do it.


It seems like the more and more of these events we do, the longer people keep talking about them. Why? Because they create lasting memories. For example, as I mentioned above, we keep chuckling about saying two of our teammates slept on picnic tables. We enjoy sharing our experiences with others showing them in a video we created.

Speaking of the video….

The Video & How You Can Help

While the twelve of us had an absolutely amazing time this year at Reach the Beach, the more I think about it, the more grateful I am that I work for a company that supports these exercise endeavors. We are healthier, have built stronger bonds with our co-workers, and had a ton of fun in the process. I know I speak for this year’s team when I say we will definitely be doing this again next year.

Like what you hear? Great. Now you can help us out a bit if you have two minutes as we are trying to win a competition based on a short video we did detailing our run. If you’re reading this and would like to help our team win entry into another competition, here’s what you can do:

  • Click here and hit ‘Like’.
  • Enjoy the video. That’s all!

Thanks for your help, and we hope to see you at RTB next year!

Dyn Reach the Beach 2013 from David DePiano on Vimeo.

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