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Video: Make Your Website Run Faster By Cleaning Your HTML & CSS

WebPerfDays is an “unconference” conference that boasts that it brings the web community together. If the web community is coming together, you can be sure that Dyn is there as well.

UX Manager Lara Swanson shared her case study on how cleaning HTML, CSS and images improved page load time on a relatively simple solution to a major problem.

Watch her presentation below.

How fast your site loads can be the difference between a conversion or someone leaving in frustration, unlikely to return. Swanson believes the root issue of heavy page load is typically poor planning at the beginning of a project or poor planning for routine site updates. She recommends making routine cleaning a natural part of the workflow to ensure a positive user experience.

Swanson also discussed how code reviews can help maintain good web performance, how her team benchmarks and front-end techniques to improve page speed.

The conference was held following Velocity Europe on Friday, Oct. 5, at the Facebook London offices. Her talk, which can be seen below, was one the many events during the Eur-Uptime Tour 2012.

(For fans of the written word, Lara has two blog posts on this very topic here and here.)

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