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Video: Iovation & Dyn On Advanced DNS Features, Active/Active Setup

One of the most frequently asked questions of Dyn is how to use our Advanced Features at multiple facilities. Companies often want to know whether they should run their two facilities as active/passive or active/active.

Eric Rosenberry, Senior Infrastructure Architect at iovation, inc., puts an end to the debate.

Earlier this year, Rosenberry sat down with Dyn CTO Cory von Wallenstein and said the active/passive strategy needs to be a dead concept. In Rosenberry’s opinion, unless you’re using active/active, you do not really know if your stuff works. That is why iovation has been using active/active for years, which means that 50 percent of their primary URLs are always going through one of their facilities, while the other half is going to their other one. This means that if something really bad happened, and one of their facilities wasn’t working, they always know that they can route their traffic through the other facility.

And this is only his first argument in favor of active/active. Check out the below video to hear an even more convincing case.

Rosenberry is a member of Dyn’s Thought Leadership Council (TLC), which meets yearly at Dyn’s corporate headquarters in Manchester, NH, to offer in-depth feedback and guidance.

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