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Video: HomeAway & Dyn Talk About Maintaining Company Culture During Huge Growth

A year after Lenny Tropiano started at HomeAway, the popular vacation rental site,  he was given the option to work from home since the growing company was tight on space. Thinking this was the ideal situation to be more productive, Tropiano jumped at the opportunity. But he soon discovered he was missing something.

He was missing the office culture.

Corporate culture is one of the most crucial social infrastructures for any growing company. When Tropiano returned to the Austin headquarters he was included in on those hallway conversations and Nerf gun fights. He was once again enjoying the company culture, which not only made his job more fun but made him more productive.

In this video, Tropiano, manager of Infrastructure Operations at HomeAway, shares some of the insight he has learned first-hand watching HomeAway’s culture evolve over the years. When Tropiano started there were 200 employees. Now there are 1,200 in offices in 15 different countries around the world. HomeAway is now a publicly traded company, as well, which has had its own influences on the culture.

“We consider ourselves a family and I think that’s the biggest thing,” Tropiano said.

Tropiano is a member of Dyn’s Thought Leadership Council (TLC), which meets yearly at Dyn’s corporate headquarters in Manchester, NH, to offer in-depth feedback and guidance.

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