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Velocity San Jose: Same Great Show, Fresh New Face

The Velocity Show has been a staple for Oracle Dyn for many years. Not only has it been a forum for the company to tell its story, show its innovation in DNS, and have a voice in broader internet conversations, it has also been a huge opportunity to meet with customers and learn more about prospects whose businesses might benefit from our unique take on DNS and internet performance. And now as part of Oracle (playing a key role in helping to build a world-class IaaS service), the opportunity was as important as ever to send a strong message to the developer community — this year, that customers should consider rethinking their DNS to improve internet performance, reliability, and resiliency.

An area where these needs come into strong focus in the developer community is on the DevOps side, where engineers and network architects are always looking to improve the experience of their customers, partners, and internal users.

It was our pleasure to feature one of our top IT leaders, Phil Stanhope, VP Technology Strategy at Dyn, to address the opportunities available to engineers challenged to “Rethink DNS” in this space.

His presentation at the show highlighted the most relevant ways DNS can help make your application and application delivery better, with a focus on the cloud edge (an area of about which you’ll be hearing more from us here at Dyn). Stanhope explained to the audience how to make the cloud edge as close to the user as possible for maximum control, how to use DNS to drive policies that direct the user to the right resource, and how to use intelligent response to see dynamic changes and adjust to meet policy requirements.

For those unfamiliar or unclear about the definition of the cloud edge, we define it as the closest point to the end-user where the enterprise can exert control. How the edge is defined and designed has a significant impact on how customers, employees, and partners access data and content. So as developers plan their edge strategy, DevOps and DNS come into sharper focus.

The cloud edge will be a term developers only hear more about as we move faster to a cloud-first world, and Oracle Dyn will help to educate and enable the community to make these changes faster, more reliably, and more securely.

For a closer look at the role DNS and DevOps can play in a larger cloud edge strategy, check out our free eBook co-authored by Stanhope, DevOps and DNS: Improving Web Application Performance at the DNS Layer.

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Brendan Mangus is a Corporate Communications Strategist at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.

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