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Velocity Conference, London: The Edge, DevOps & DNS

This month O’Reilly’s Velocity conference made a welcome return to London for our annual installment of DevOps, distributed systems and performance engineering.

Velocity is a conference we look forward to every year and it never fails to be challenging and rewarding in equal measure. The attendees are knowledgeable, discerning and keen to learn. You have to bring your A game – fluffy sales answers just don’t make the grade.

Over the two days microservices (or even nano services) and serverless computing were topics that kept coming up along with discussion around our work on managed DNS and how edge services can be used to optimise user experience.

The keynote presentations focused on how we can grow and take applications to the next level of performance.

From the keynotes, my highlights were:

  • Tyler McMullen’s keynote on where he believes the missing pieces are for edge computing @tbmcmullen
  • Kolton Andrus from Gremlin on Chaos engineering, drawing on the idea of injecting a vaccine in order to build a resistance.  By testing with chaos, you proactively make the weak points in your system visible @KoltonAndrus
  • Hard not to be inspired by the work AnnieCannons are doing and the keynote from Laura Hackney, which revealed the pitfalls and successes of bringing social justice work into the technology landscape @LHack47.

Alongside this, we had Phil Stanhope our VP of Technology Strategy signing his O’Reilly book ‘DevOps and DNS’ and the always popular vendor pavilion where we enjoyed great conversations with developers and engineers from the full spectrum of businesses.

As always, the O’Reilly team delivered a well organised event and kept the coffee (and beer) flowing. Now, how do I get a ticket to Velocity San Jose?

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Mark Lewis
Whois: Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis is a Product Analyst at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.