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Velocity 2012: Performance is the Most Important Type of DNS Security

With nearly 20 Dyn #GetSomeIaaS rock stars out in Santa Clara at the O’Reilly Velocity Conference this week, it reminded me to share a story.

Back in May, I helped organize the 3rd annual Inside Baseball event for DNS industry insiders. The event was hosted by the team at Comcast and was capped off at a minor league baseball game. I always help bring on the hosting partner, scout the location, nail the logistics and ensure it’s well attended, but excuse myself to leave the collaborative meeting in the hands of the technologists the meeting is for.

They all like me (I think) but also know many of their topics exceed my ever evolving technical prowess.

Dyn SecurityI always regroup at the game to redux, socialize and casually discuss the state of the space and the Internet as a whole. While at the game, a few of us were having a beer and chatting. The great part about this event is its cooperation.

The DNS technology leadership of each one of these companies provides amazing market perspective and I respect and commend their commitment. You have providers, ISPs, hardware manufacturers, operators and industry luminaries in attendance all focused on the continued growth and relevance of the Domain Name System. I talked candidly about how Dyn has focused our positioning as a performance company and not very focused on security (publicly at least). When pushed on areas such as DNSSEC, DDoS mitigation, multi-factor authentication, POP redundancy, transit diversity, data encryption, data center selection, strict SLAs, high availability and the like, I was challenged aggressively on that positioning as being marketing innuendo.

“Performance is the most important type of security,” uttered Paul Hoffman, Director of VPN Consortium.

When I actually think about what our company sells, we sell trust. We specialize in managed Internet infrastructure services that need to work at all times. Our customers pay us and stick with us because we can’t fail or be breached.

I honestly had never thought of performance itself as a type of security. Of course, I realize that our value prop and much of our feature set is security oriented, but the resiliency of our network, laser fast speed, drastic network capacity provisioning and granular control are things are all core to what security is all about. Trust.

Thanks to Paul, you just may start to see us talking more deeply about how our offerings make your offerings far more secure.

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Kyle York
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