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ValenDyn’s Day: Our 24-Hour Dinner With Dyn Contest

Duty calls at Dyn and sometimes, we get called away to work on holidays. It’s tough being the Internet Infrastructure-as-a-Service leader but that’s what you have to do to stay ahead.

In case you haven’t heard, Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, a day that is devoted to everything that is love. Two of our best and brightest — Dyn COO Gray Chynoweth and VP of Finance Joe Raczka — have to be in San Francisco for meetings and be away from their wives. While a romantic trip on a trolley may sound great to some, the two really want to spend it with other people…which is where you come in.

We’re holding a 24-hour contest from 12 pm EST on Monday, February 13th to 12 pm EST on February 14th for our DynECT Managed DNS / Email clients. Two lucky winners and their significant others will join Gray and Joe at COCO500, a fun & hip restaurant in San Francisco’s SOMA area.

All you have to do is tell us why you should be picked.

Turn these frowns upside down.

It could be a short video, a blog post, a haiku (a Gray favorite), skywriting, interpretive dance, a one-act play, etc. It just has to be submitted to us by noon EST Tuesday, 2/14 for consideration.

Why do you love Dyn? Have you always had a hankering to eat with a lawyer and Duke grad? Perhaps you’ve stared at COCO500 from the street and said, “Someday…someday.” That day is now.

Some rules / guidelines:

– You must be a DynECT enterprise client, either for Managed DNS or Email Delivery. Travel isn’t included, so it would help if you were local. (However, if you manage to get there in a Planes, Trains And Automobiles fashion, that would be a killer story.)

– You must submit a video, link to a blog post, poem, etc. This can’t just be a one line email. Our blue ribbon panel will choose the winners.

– You must be serious about going. This is a nice place and again, we don’t want to make Joe or Gray sad by a last-second bailout. Remember, you don’t have to pay anything…it’s on us!

– Dinner is at COCO500 at 500 Brannan Street in San Francisco at 8:45 PM local time.

– Dinner is for you and your significant other and two companies will win. Keep in mind this isn’t one of those sales dinners you might get with a financial advisor. We want to have a fun time with some of the clients that have helped in our success.

– Entries can be sent with a subject line of SF Dinner Contest. Everything should be sent to us by 12 PM EST on Tuesday, February 14th, so we can pick the winners and let them know ASAP. Obviously include some contact information with your submission.

Help Gray and Joe celebrate ValenDyn’s Day and make their wives happy they’re staying out of trouble for the night!

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