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ValenDyn’s Day: Contribute To Our Postcard Project

Wall of Postcards
Help us create a wall like this!

When I was little, my family would go on trips and we would send ourselves postcards from everywhere that we would visit and try to race them home and beat them.

This pretty much never happened, but when you’re seven years old and in the back of an ’85 Chevy van pulling a popup trailer in the middle of Nebraska with no air conditioning in July, you look forward to the little things.

Nowadays in a world where my tweet will get to you quicker than it takes to confirm that it sent from my phone, we don’t really send postcards anymore. We don’t take the time to pick out the perfect or most ridiculous one to send, let alone take a moment to share what is going at that very moment that we can then share with others.

So let’s change all that.

Based off an idea that one of our employees saw in an California office tour and in the interest of celebrating our growing customer community, we want you to send a postcard to us. Who are you and what do you do? How are the kids? What do you use Dyn for? What should we know? You know…stuff!

Send them to me at the address below and I will put them up on a very empty wall here at our Manchester office that needs some love. People are always touring our space and I think it would be very cool to show off that we have users from around the world that have stories to tell. Think about it: there are four million users of ours around the world. That’s a lot of great stories!

And as part of some random acts of kindness, I’ll send some postcards back and perhaps some Dyn swag for some that really make an impression. We’ll update on this project via social media as we go and hopefully, we’ll get so many that we’ll inspire another company to do the same thing. Who will be the first on the wall? Where’s the furthest distance someone will send someone from (looking at you, Antarctica)?

To be part of our old school social media experiment, send postcards to:

Mike Taylor
c/o Dyn
150 Dow Street – Tower Two
Manchester, NH 03101

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Whois: Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor was Community Coordinator at Oracle Dyn, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.

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