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How To Integrate Dyn Email Delivery With Marketo

As we searched for a powerful marketing analytics platform to best capture customer engagement and market to those interested in our products, we began looking into Marketo. This met our needs as a marketing automation engine, but we wanted to use Dyn Email Delivery to power our email sends, ensuring we would have the highest email reputation possible.

What’s great is that our email customers can also integrate with Marketo and achieve the same success that we are! Here’s how we set things up, and how you do the same.

How To Set It Up

Utilizing Dyn Email Delivery, we wanted to ensure we could have both dedicated IP addresses and API access. Once we Marketo and Dynhad our account established, we set up an approved sender ( and set up SPF and DKIM authentication to match our current SPF and DKIM policies on the domain.

We have the standard Marketo package, and opted to use their relay access, which is needed to have Marketo send messages to another SMTP relay before sending to the final destination.

If you’re setting this up, the relay access form will ask for the following information:

  • Marketo Sending IP: This IP is provided by Marketo and needs to be provided to Dyn in order to be whitelisted with your account.
  • Relay Hostname: For Dyn Email Delivery, this is
  • MAIL FROM: Dyn Email Delivery will rewrite the MAIL FROM header. This will cause bounces and complaints to be processed by Dyn Email Delivery, and not sent to Marketo for processing.
  • Throttling Settings: We suggest a max of 25 connections, and a max of 1000 messages per connection.

Once both the Marketo and Dyn systems are in place, mail will be routed from Marketo to Dyn and then to the end recipient. Dyn’s concierge and deliverability teams will ensure your account is set up to send mail through a dedicated or shared IP as requested. Success!

Processing Bounces and Complaints

There are two ways to process bounces and complaints: a semi-automatic way, and a fully-automatic method.


To get running quickly, we set up a script to run once per day to download the previous day’s email addresses that were added to the suppression list. This includes all bounces, complaints, and list-unsubscribe addresses that were processed the day before. This script sends an email with a CSV to a Dyn marketing team member who then uploads the list to a “System Smart List” within Marketo.


To get this process fully automated, the script that downloads the new addresses on the suppression list can be modified to then update each lead within Marketo through Marketo’s SOAP API.

The Key Benefit

Using Dyn and Marketo together can vastly improve your deliverability as well as your reporting. Both Dyn Email Delivery & Marketo have specific features that compliment one another, resulting in a great tool for marketers that should also satisfy the IT department by keeping email reputation up and important messages getting to the inbox.

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