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Real-Life Use Cases: Dynect Platform Managed DNS Advanced Features

“Don’t buy fakes. I don’t buy a canoe and write ‘yacht’ on the side.”

When choosing an Anycast DNS provider, make sure that you’re choosing a company that can scale with you and meet the growing infrastructure demands of your business… technology (advanced products), infrastructure partners (colo/transit), overall network performance (optimized Anycast?), R&D, engineering, documentation, staffing, long-term viability, profitability, support, account management, a true passion and consultative focus on DNS.

A colleague tweeted an “overheard” last week that I thought was super relevant for this post. “OH: “Don’t buy fakes. I don’t buy a canoe and write “yacht” on the side.” (Thanks, Ryan! He’s our UX/UI Designer by the way, not a sales guy.) How many times have you bought something from a 2nd tier brand and a few months later it breaks? I have a great fake Aerobed mishap for you. Not such a “value” or ROI story at that point, huh? Didn’t think so.

Below is what I got back from half the team when I asked them for some solid real-life use cases for our Dynect Platform advanced features (yes half the team, we have some slackers who didn’t get me anything in time for this post). Listed are some examples of how Web enterprise prospects and clients are using (or hoping to use) our truly robust, premium Anycast DNS products. It’s not just Anycast, it’s “Dynect Anycast” — the fastest DNS network in the world.

Web 2.0 & Fast Growth CompanyRound Robin Load Balancing
“When working with certain accounts its very important to look at their entire infrastructure. The reasoning is that sometime there is an opportunity that isn’t at first apparent. I was discussing a basic managed external offering with a customer when they asked me about using cloud-based load balancers. After a deep discussion, we determined that they would be better served using our platform for monitoring and load balancing(and it was actually less expensive). By taking these features to the DNS level the client gains flexibility to scale, and reduces the opportunity for failure.”

Ad/Media CompanyCDN Manager
“A fast growing prospect called and was looking to leverage the ability to use multiple Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and the possibility of their own facilities. Speed and Performance was very critical to the success to their business and brands, as Smowtion is an Ad-server Network based in South America and is growing globally. They had done their homework and their own speed and performance testing and decided to choose the Dynect Platform over the competition.”

Financial InstitutionActive Failover
“A Financial Institution had come to us and is adding a 2nd colo facility and is looking to add Active Failover functionality to their Disaster Recovery plans. They had chosen Dynect for exceeding their security requirements in the use of IPV6 and DNSSEC and reliability requirements. They are planning on setting a very low TTL Values (Time To Live) for fast propagation times across their banking network.”

Boutique Hotel CompanyTraffic Management
“We got a call from a boutique hotel company yesterday, who have something like 50+ hotels in the U.S. They wanted to make sure that anytime a user tried to load up their site, he/she was being routed to the nearest data center so that there would be no lag or waiting.”

E-Commerce WebsiteCDN Manager
“We were on a call with a customer who was telling us that they used a CDN, but wanted to possibly figure out a way to use a second CDN provider. Their primary concern was that if that CDN had problems, or degraded services, the site would effectively be unusable as it was an e-commerce site and the pictures/videos definitely attributed to sales.”

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