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Uncovering Our Employee Strengths Infographic Style

When new employees join Dyn, they take the Strengthsfinder test and they later get a nameplate with their name, title and their top five strengths. It’s a really interesting way to get to know the people who work around you and who you work with directly.

I’ve loved changing teams and seeing how different people interact and play to each other’s strengths. Then again, one of my top strengths is “Individualization”, which means I’m “intrigued by the unique qualities of each person” so this makes sense!

We recently aggregated the data from all employees to see what the makeup of Dyn’s strengths were like. I absolutely love the results.

So what are Dyn’s top five strengths?



  • Learner: People who are especially talented in the Learner theme have a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve. In particular, the process of learning, rather than the outcome, excites them.
  • Achiever: People who are especially talented in the Achiever theme have a great deal of stamina and work hard. They take great satisfaction from being busy and productive.
  • Adaptability: People who are especially talented in the Adaptability theme prefer to “go with the flow.” They tend to be “now” people who take things as they come and discover the future one day at a time.
  • Strategic: People who are especially talented in the Strategic theme create alternative ways to proceed. Faced with any given scenario, they can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues.
  • Input: People who are especially talented in the Input theme have a craving to know more. Often they like to collect and archive all kinds of information.

Within each team, how similar are people in terms of strengths?



Fascinating! Also interesting are the rarest strengths (am I really the only person with Discipline at this company?!). I wanted to see if we could identify teams by a most-common strength per team.

So what are our teams strong in?



Last but not least, how similar are each of the teams to CTO Tom Daly and CEO Jeremy Hitchock’s strengths?


We’ll keep updating this as Dyn grows and teams evolve. It’s so great to work for a company that focuses on employees’ strengths!

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