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The Challenge Of Building An Office 3300 Miles Away

Dyn Brighton
A view of downtown Brighton from Dyn’s office. (Photo:

Over the past two years, Dyn has seen incredible growth. Such rapid scale has provided a lot of challenges for different departments, especially sales and engineering. But one department most people don’t think about is facilities.

More people means more space. This is difficult enough to accommodate within our New Hampshire headquarters but we’ve also expanded internationally. We pride ourselves on our culture and wanted our Brighton, UK office to have a similar feel to our corporate HQ here in Manchester.

I learned that when you’re managing a build out on the other side of the world, you’ve got to rely on your instincts. When I was first approached with the task of fitting out an office abroad, I was intimidated.  I wasn’t sure how to go about overseeing a project where the only references I had were a few pictures and a blueprint that didn’t provide a single measurement.

Luckily, I was able to rely on my construction background to gather information for our basic floor plan. Once you have the basic ideas of what you need, you can begin to get quotes for the work. I shopped around a bit, reaching out to referrals and companies suggested by our agents.

It was immediately clear to me who I wanted to do business with for two reasons: they were able to answer all of my questions in a timely manner, and they didn’t try to sell me anything that I didn’t ask for.

After I found my contractor, we began discussing the fine details of our floor plan. Our fit out would consist of adding three walls and some electrical work. Right away, we began to experience delays with our lease agreement.

Our time frame soon dropped from two months to three weeks.

Dyn Union Jack
An interior shot. (Photo:

Once we had the green light, we began focusing on tasks that required the longest lead time. In this case, it was our glass partitions. Once those were finished, everything else seemed to fall into place and our targeted move in date was in reach.

I arrived on site a week before our targeted date of completion knowing there was a lot of small details that needed to be figured out.  We were making great progress but I was still worried about the painting not being completed on time.

Having only a weekend to complete the task at hand, our contractor assured me this would not be a problem. Having my doubts, I was on site and ready to paint with the rest of the crew.  I had to be sure that I did all I could to help reach our goal.

My contractor didn’t let me down.

That’s one of the biggest reasons the build out went smoothly. Throughout this process, we hit road bumps and issues that were hard for me to fully understand since I could not be on site, but he was able to point me in the right direction and I couldn’t be happier with the final product.

The success of this project, like so many projects in business, came down to finding the right person for the job. We did that and it made all the difference.

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