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U.N. Human Rights & Taking the Proactive Approach to Owning the Internet

Yesterday on Twitter we shared an article on how the UN is now condemning internet access disruption as a human rights violation. This is a commendable gesture by the UN and ignites a conversation about the importance of the internet as a means of opportunity for people around the world.

It is also a reactive step.

One of the reasons I’ve spent the past 8 years at Dyn is because our company believes in the potential and power of the internet as a tool to spread content, commerce, and communication. We also know that by its very nature the internet is volatile and ripe for disruption. At times that disruption is caused by nation-states – our research team is always tracking these. But many times these disruptions aren’t malicious. They can be fat fingers or an anchor severing an undersea cable.

Dyn’s message is to be proactive. Take the power away from these external factors as much as you can and develop a strategy for Internet Performance Management. Having intelligent insight into the issues happening on the internet, having multiple cloud-based providers that you can leverage, and using DNS as a way to manage your traffic away from those issues and across those providers so your end-users have the best experience possible is the only way we’ll ever truly harness the power of the internet.

Dyn is committed to helping enable a free, open and available global internet, and a large part of our efforts hinge on improving the quality of the internet from a commercial standpoint – but this extends beyond the limits of business. What gets me fired up every day is all of the additional efforts we’re doing.

Internet governance and protocol

We are fortunate enough to employ some of the smartest people working on the internet today. But what is even better is that they use their experience and knowledge to influence policy and and global conversations to help drive the internet forward. Whether it is Andrew Sullivan’s work with the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) or Dave Knight’s efforts with RIPE or Matt Shooman drinking cocktails at ICANN, we are proud of the involvement of our employees.

Educating the next generation

We’re proud to employ some of the smartest people in the region – and the world – but  we’re also obsessed with educating the next generation of internet engineers and leaders. Our founder Jeremy Hitchcock has played a pivotal role in launching STEAM Ahead NH, an innovative new approach to education that is literally changing lives in our native New Hampshire. We recently took these efforts to the next level with a partnership with MIT in which they taught New Hampshire teachers how to teach code in a multi-disciplinary effort that is sure to have a major impact this fall.

Beyond our formal efforts, our employees also use their expertise to help strengthen the future. Dyn’s Joe Abley recently spent time volunteering in Botswana.

The internet is global and we try to extend our reach far beyond New Hampshire, Brighton and Singapore.


We believe we’re really good at what we do. We’re the only DNS provider that operates at every level of the stack. Whether it’s partnering with Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) to host F-Root nameserver nodes or operating TLDs or providing advanced traffic management capabilities to the world’s best enterprises, Dyn is always involved when it comes to ensuring the optimal performance of the internet.

Thought Leadership

As I mentioned earlier, the internet is volatile. There are constantly disruptions, outages, and changing conditions that cause issues for businesses. It’s crucial for businesses to understand this and learn what they can do to mitigate risks and improve their digital experience. That is why our research team is constantly monitoring the internet and reporting on issues. Again, the internet is a bunch of connected networks. That spiderweb means that things that happen in one location, can impact another. So while you may not think what happens in Iraq or Brazil matters to you, think again. In a global economy where customers live in every corner of the world, everything matters. As the Chief Strategy Officer, I’m always thinking about future trends and how they will impact our customers and their end users.  In fact, Dyn has a great track record of staying ahead of trends — even extremely modern consumer adoptions like the Internet of Things are long-time legacy products and solutions for Dyn.

Taking a lead is something we’ve never shied away from. It’s why we founded Inside Baseball all of those years ago. Our ethos has always been that all of us operating crucial internet infrastructure have an obligation to work together, take our jobs seriously, and make the internet the best tool it can be. If we do that, then we all win.

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Kyle York
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