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Martha on Social Media

“Business Magnate” Martha Stewart took the stage with David Pogue from the New York Times today for a Keynote presentation on the use of Twitter and social media at TWTRCON happening at the New York Hilton. Yes, Martha Stewart was named third most powerful woman in America by the Ladies Home Journal, but could she offer a fresh perspective on the use of social media?

Here are the top 5 take aways on how to be successful with social media:

1. Be there – Whether you see the value social media or not, if your customers are using it (which they are) you better be there. A missed opportunity to connect = a missed chance to communicate your message and brand to a potential or current customer.

2. Don’t be intimidated – Not everyone with a Twitter account is tech savvy despite popular opinion. More important than being a computer wiz, is having something of relevance to say.

3. Be authentic – So you’ve made the step to get yourself on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn etc. — don’t blow it. If you have a name attached to your account (like Martha) make sure you are the one doing the tweeting. A bit of inside info, Martha doesn’t bother with punctuation on email or online, so if you follow her @MarthaStewart and notice a perfectly punctuated 140 characters, you’ll know it’s not the real Martha.

4. It only takes 5 minutes/day – According to Martha, that’s all it takes to see a return on your efforts. If you’re following or followed by more than a handful of people your life would be consumed if you took the time to read every single tweet. To make sure your social life extents beyond the Internet, instead take just 5 minutes a day to check in on what’s important to you, and Tweet about what’s relevant to your audience. This should sufficiently keep your finger on the Twitter/social media pulse.

5. Get involved – One question that always gets asked when it comes to social media is, whose responsibility is it? The answer? Everyone’s! Martha Stewart is an extremely busy business woman, but has committed to the mission of social media and makes sure to take those few minutes to keep her followers up to date. Whether you’re a CEO or an entry level employee, if your company finds social media important, take the time to get involved and share your voice on their behalf.

So, would I classify the perspective as fresh? Maybe not, but if you’re involved in social media the topics covered serve as a great rule book and reminder about the basics. Bottom line — you get out of social media what you put into it.

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