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Two-Thirds of World’s Consumers Want to Shop Internationally Online, But Call for Better Service from Internet Retailers

Manchester, NH (February 16, 2015) – Dyn, the worldwide leader in Internet Performance, today released a survey finding that more than two-thirds (67 percent) of global consumers use online retailers to shop internationally, however, fewer than one-in-five shoppers say the experience exceeds expectations. These findings, which are the conclusion of a survey that spanned 1,400 consumers from 11 different countries, show the gaps in which ecommerce leaders need to invest resources to successfully address the way an exponentially growing portion of their customers choose to shop.

Shopping internationally is a growing trend in ecommerce, and moves in lock-step with the increasing number of consumers who choose online over in-store shopping. Ninety percent of consumers across the globe reported that they make at least a quarter of their purchases online. Internationally, 87 percent of Chinese respondents report shopping with retailers located outside of their country, as do 62 percent of European consumers and almost half of U.S. consumers. Worldwide, almost 60 percent of consumers say if the international shopping experience was better, they would do it more often.

“We know that international shopping is an important trend in ecommerce,” said Jeremy Hitchcock, CEO, Dyn. “As companies work to serve their global customer base, they also need to understand that the same strategy they use to reach local customers often does not translate to success in different geographic markets. Dyn is working to help companies understand how monitoring and optimizing Internet performance can consistently deliver an exceptional experience to all customers, regardless of location. It’s an important distinction, especially when you consider that performance issues like website latency create a real trust issue for consumers, resulting in the potential for major revenue loss.”

According to the survey, the consumer response to website issues or delays varies. Globally, 33 percent of consumers are willing to abandon a website and search for their item elsewhere on the Internet. However, this number increases in some of the fastest growing markets in the world, spiking in India, China, Hong Kong and Malaysia, where 43 percent of consumers say this is their initial reaction to a slow loading page.

Globally, 13 percent of consumers say they are likely to go directly to a competitor’s website to make a purchase if they encounter a slow page. Chinese consumers (24 percent) are the most likely to react this way. Consumers in India, the U.K., the Netherlands, Australia and Hong Kong also meet or exceed this global response. In the U.S., consumers aged 18-24 years old say they are 3 times more likely to go straight to a competitor’s site if they encounter a slow page.

Perhaps, most unnerving for ecommerce companies is that a slow page-load time is often the reason they lose out to their brick-and-mortar competition. Twelve percent of consumers report purchasing items at a brick-and-mortar retailer if they experience page latency issues. This is especially true in the U.S., where 16 percent of consumers say they will leave an online retailer and shop in-store if they encounter a slow website.

“Companies are going to continue serving the insatiable demand for an international online shopping experience. But because ecommerce only wins when it exceeds the expectation of customers, companies need a smart strategy for approaching international markets,” said Jim Cowie, chief scientist, Dyn. “The only true way to navigate these lucrative waters is by constantly monitoring how your assets perform for your customers, controlling outside factors like ISPs and using that information to optimize the Internet Performance experience.”

For the complete results of the survey, you can download the report.



About the Research
In January 2015, Dyn surveyed more than 1400 consumers from 11 countries around the world, including U.S., China, India, U.K., Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Israel, Netherlands and Australia. Consumers were asked about their online shopping experiences and also asked to compare their in-store shopping.

About Dyn
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