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Turbocharging The Adoption Of DevOps With Managed DNS

Performance on demand is essential to the adoption of DevOps in the current state of affairs. The key tenet of DevOps is performance — not just how well your systems perform, but also the technology that allows them to operate optimally.

The other day, my better half was talking about the trials and tribulations of her commute to work. Now this was one of the days where instead of borrowing my lightning quick Mini Cooper, she took her underpowered land yacht of a Nissan Altima to work instead. So when she wanted to get out and make an evasive maneuver, getting a delayed response out of the Nissan’s “Fly By Wire” throttle when she downshifted into 2nd was not acceptable, if not life-threatening!

Broken Down Nissan
Maybe it’s not this bad, but you get the idea.

You may be saying, “Now, Carl. What does all of this automotive malarkey have to do with DevOps or even anything remotely technical?” Well, the adoption of DevOps is not unlike changing gears in your car. It’s a change in the pace and efficiency of an organization.

When you mash on the pedal in your car to take off in a lower gear, you expect for the power to be there when you release the clutch. This is where we come in.

By and large, the services that are being employed in an organization that is making the cultural and practical jump to this methodology are highly pluggable, scalable, and robust services in the cloud. Latency is the lag in that Nissan’s gas pedal, and the heart stopping moment that could mean lost revenue or productivity in your organization.

DNS is the biggest problem your organization doesn’t realize it has.

With DynECT Managed DNS, you enjoy the cost benefit of outsourcing a key piece of infrastructure to a robust 17-point Anycast DNS network that was designed with the utmost of performance in mind. Saving overhead in infrastructure costs and getting a bump in performance almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s not! As your organization grows, no matter the size, we have a highly pluggable API whose calls can be seamlessly integrated into your automated deployments, allowing for nearly instant DNS scaling when you spin up more instances in the cloud.

Interested in talking about performance? Me too. Hit me up on Twitter or email me to get a conversation started…even if it’s about your issues with your Nissan.

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