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TRUST & PASSION: The Foundation of Sales Engineering at Dyn

Everything rises and falls on trust and passion. Our entire philosophy is built from this premise.

Passion as a very strong feeling which fosters an unwavering enthusiasm and commitment about a person or thing. Okay, so that’s probably the type_this_in_Google version. I define passion as an intense emotion, compelling enthusiasm or desire for anything. For sales engineers, that “thing” is technology, and the honor of illuminating the value of it to the marketplace, coupled with the growth of oneself through the knowledge and experiences gained in the pursuit and employment of it. I like to think of trust as a capstone of intentional living — through modeling integrity, reliability, credibility, and the consistent demonstration of it through team growth rather than personal gain. Ultimately, it is the willingness to rely upon or place confidence in someone or something bigger than yourself to achieve success.

At Dyn, our pre-sales folks aspire to be the Trusted Advisor, striving to achieve credibility through increasing technical competence, consistently advocating teamwork and inclusion, and always seeking new challenges and guidance in an effort to achieve and outperform their individual growth. Underpinning this philosophy is a dispatch of people who strive to drive revenue through the articulation of business value and development of solutions, coupled with delivering an understanding of our products capabilities and the financial and technological benefit to the customer.

Customer & Sales Advocacy

Great sales engineers are inherently curious. Exuding a passion for learning, technical excellence, and a willingness to be challenged is a core heart-attitude of a successful pre-sales team. For our SE’s at Dyn, we place an emphasis in possessing a deeply-rooted passion for understanding how the Internet really works and how millions of businesses around the globe can receive financial and technical value from our Internet Performance solutions.

What does this really mean for the customer?

Touchpoints. I personally believe that all teams in any business are mutually responsible for the well-being of the customer experience and should reach out and check in often. Both non-technical and technical business leaders alike have the opportunity to directly create real financial and technological impact, efficiency, and effectiveness in multiple channels of their organization, by leveraging a cloud-based “best-of-breed” service provider and solution company. Every company desires to build business relationships on trust. As the trusted advisors, Dyn SE’s provide a credible conduit for them to retain techniques and technologies for more elegant and precise management of their Internet performance — ensuring their online infrastructure is properly monitored, analyzed, exercised, under control, and fully optimized. As we think about the value sales engineers provide these business leaders and the organizations they drive, created is an enhanced business relationship that verily illuminates the appropriate levers that will allow their business to profit.

Whether it’s leading an exchange to make sure the technical knowledge and solutions meet the expectations of our customers or facilitating long-term VOC initiatives in-house to better equip our go-to-market and product teams, the focus is always making the Internet better for our customers through the sales advocacy. Fostering trust and passion in pre-sales inevitably creates valuable and enjoyable relationships that ultimately contribute to positive and successful outcomes for customers and the businesses that support them (that’s us).

Sound like a good fit for you? Join our Pre-Sales team!

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Mikel Steadman was the Director of Sales and Solutions Engineering at Oracle Dyn, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.

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