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Tips to Navigate the Complex Chinese Internet on Singles Day and Everyday

It’s Singles Day in China, and companies are eagerly anticipating the major sales that are about to come through their websites. Over 360 million Chinese shoppers are projected to spend over 50 billion Yuan (8 billion US Dollars), according to the China Market Research Group.

Singles Day, made popular by Chinese e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba, is the biggest online shopping rush of the entire year and it’s very attractive to retailers, from apparel to automakers alike. Discounts are planned, promotions are in full swing, and shipping companies are ready for the package delivery frenzy. As an Internet Performance company, we have to wonder: have companies properly provisioned their infrastructure for the flurry of activity that is about to hit their website?

This question is particularly important for international companies trying to gain the attention of these eager Chinese consumers. For many companies outside of China, navigating the complex Chinese Internet can prove difficult on any given day, let alone Singles Day. Creating a proper online presence in China is extremely important, and it goes beyond simply translating your website into Mandarin and using a Chinese domain. Companies really need to make sure their DNS infrastructure, as well as their content, is hosted within the Great Firewall of China to ensure optimum page load times. A trip around the world searching for content could cause a range of issues for Chinese consumers trying to access a website — from slow page load times to dropped packets — which ultimately, could cause them to abandon a page or opt to buy from a competitor with a faster site.

The infographic below gives you 5 tips to help navigate the complex Chinese Internet.

5 Tips to Navigate the Chinese Internet

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