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Tips on Onboarding for Successful Outcomes

As my colleague Katie Smith mentioned in her recent blog post, Customer Experience and Support teams are becoming a must-have for as-a-Service businesses. These teams help turn transactions into relationships. One of the first ways they do that is by getting the customer to value as quickly as possible. A successful onboarding process is a good start.   

There are essentially two types of onboarding strategies that will work for your customers: 

  • 1: many 
  • 1:1  

In this blog post, I will discuss tips on how to successfully onboard the former, while saving the latter for a future post.  

The 1:many onboarding session is done via an implementation webinar, and customers who benefit from a 1:many onboarding typically have a small, non-complex DNS infrastructure. Additionally, they have knowledge of working with their DNS and simply need a quick overview of what they need to do. At Oracle Dyn we’ve found that this approach is perfect for many of our customers. This is a good lesson to remember. You may be tempted to treat every customer as a 1:1 onboarding thinking you’re giving them the extra, personal touch. The important thing, actually, is to give your customers what they need.  

Implementation webinars are led by an experienced team member and have additional resources available until our new customers have successfully delegated to Oracle Dyn. These resources include:  

  • The webinar they can attend 
  • An email with all of the resources they could need 
  • Access to the Customer Success Manager or our Support Team if they have more in-depth questions.  

For most customers this can be completed in hours or a few days to ensure all of the steps are correctly crossed. We have found that most customers follow along with the webinar, asking questions along the way, and then are ready to delegate at their registrar once it’s over.  Then once implementation/delegation is completed, customers are encouraged to leverage our amazing Customer Support team. We don’t want onboarding to be the end of our relationship. That team has the knowledge and depth of personnel to assist with any question moving forward.  

The Customer Experience team uses the implementation process to ensure that the customer’s migration over to Dyn’s network goes smoothly, and that, when ready, they are comfortable changing delegation. It is our job to make certain that the customer is aware of the proper actions that need to be done when placing Dyn’s name servers into delegation at the registrar level, so, that any downtime is avoided when switching providers. When this is completed Dyn will start receiving traffic, and the customer’s DNS queries will be now handled by our name servers!

During the onboarding process the customer will learn how to navigate through Dyn’s Managed DNS portal. To complete tasks such as, create their zones, add/edit resource records, manage their users, and view several reports. We use this time to discuss how to make changes to DNS zones, and (if applicable) how to set up dynamic DNS, or advanced features, such as our Active Failover and Traffic Director service. They will also be educated on how to review or change their billing information, as well as, open tickets with the Dyn Support team. 

Changing your DNS provider can seem intimidating, but we are here to be your trusted advisor, and make the migration as seamless and worry-free as possible. 

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Whois: Justin Gregory

Justin Gregory is a Customer Success Manager at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.