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Third Party Validation Of Dynect – We’re Rock Solid

Time after time, we are asked by prospects for data backing up our claims that the Dyn technology and network are superior to our competition. It is quite obvious that we’re very biased when talking about how great we are, but when we come across third-party validation of what we’ve been shouting from the rooftops, we get really excited and direct prospects to those stories so they can come to their own conclusions.

These are some of those stories…

Over the years, we’ve come across different blog entries, reviews, whitepapers and more discussing DNS service options. The Dynect Platform is proving to be a rock solid and reliable solution for companies of all sizes and scopes and we’re psyched about our meteoric rise. It is also great to see managed DNS talked about on the level of importance it should be. Kudos to the people below for their efforts in making the DNS marketplace more and more relevant. From to the Dynect Platform, we have loud and loyal users and customers in over 200 countries.

Below is a composition of technical reviews and testimonials. If you’ve come across additional reviews, send them to and we’ll put them up here. We want to keep adding to this page and keep the dialogue going strong.

*Highlights of this page are also available in PDF format

3rd Party Validation on DNS Services:

Surviving an AWS Outage Unscathed

Bizo logo
As news hits of a US East Region AWS outage, Bizo funnels traffic away from the outage with GSLB on the Dynect Platform, keeping their Website up and running smoothly.

Traffic Management Easy Turn On

Years ago having a global traffic management solution was an expensive pipe dream — not anymore.

DNS Prefetching Implications

How using the Dynect Platform helped investigate prefetching and gave more control with advanced reporting.

When Speed and Reliability Matter

iovation knows that when your business is on the line, speed and reliability matter, every millisecond counts.

Giving Thanks for Reliable DNS

The team at MOVIECLIPS takes time to reflect and give thanks for reliable and fast DNS service on the Dynect Platform.

Dynectastic API customization

Using the Dynect Platform’s API, Wildbit was able to fully customize their integration with their very own Dynectastic library.

Adjusting to IPV6

Boxed Ice logo
How collaborative customer support saved Boxed Ice hundreds of dollars per month on DNS overages on the Dynect Platform.

How shaved 30% off response time logo
For major online news sites like, Web speed is of critical importance. By teaming up with Dyn Inc. and partner aiCache, was able to shave valuable time off page load speed for their users.

Making the switch to a “worthy” provider logo
An honest look at a current customers experience moving from NeuStar UltraDNS to Managed DNS Services on the Dynect Platform.

Improving application performance

Bizo logo
Read how bizo is using CDN provider Cloudant and the Amazon EC2 cloud along with Traffic Management solutions on the Dynect Platform to improve application performance.

Building your own CDN with Dynect

Clicky.Blog logo
Learn how Dynect customer Clicky is using advanced features like Traffic Management and CDN Manager to create their own CDN.

DNS Staying With The Times

Eric Lubow logo
Eric Lubow’s “musings” about finding the right managed DNS provider.

How to Compare Hosted DNS Providers

Learnhub Logo
John Green, CTO/Founder, of Learnhub performed this Pingdom analysis before deciding to go with Dynect. He’s a trailblazer for our cause.


Cloud Scaling logo
Another great Dynect review by Randy Bias, Cloud Expert, and overall great guy. Hit him up at if you need help navigating the cloud.

StyleFeeder DNS Performance Redux

Stylefeeder logo
Another DNS performance metric comparison, this one from Philip Jacob, CTO, at Stylefeeder. Awesome company you should check out.

Dynect DNS Services for NTP Pool

NTP Pool Project logo
Ask Bjørn Hansen writes a nice short piece about Dyn Inc.’s donation of DNS services to the Perl community.

New DNS Provider

Stack Overflow logo
Jeff Atwood @codinghorror from chooses the Dynect Platform for managed DNS. He says, “They must know DNS cold, because they have a freaking three letter domain name, man!”

BSA Infrastructure Upgrade logo
Todd Garland @BuySellAds Great find on a DynDNS to Dynect move-up. We were a part of an entire infrastructure upgrade and are proud of having grow up with Dyn Inc.

Reviews of Managed DNS Provider Dynect from DNS

DNS Reviews logo
DNS Reviews is a site put together to bring DNS discussions to the forefront. We’ve yet to determine who exactly is behind this resource, but they’re doing a great job pushing things forward.

Absolutely the best DNS service on the market today. Greg Sisung – Inkfrog

We have found the Dynect product to be an invaluable piece of our hosting solutions. The failover DNS is not only easy to use but an extremely powerful tool that we have implemented with ease. After using the tool for just a few days we have decided to move all of our DNS for all of our customers over to this platform. Stephen Wheeler – Amplify Studios

These are, without a doubt, the best service-minded people I have done business with. Vipul Bhatt – MyCaption

The cost is highly competitive (we get far more than we pay for), the service is rock-solid. Rob Novak – Trulia

We have been using Dynect for over a year and can attest to their 100% uptime guarantee. We have not had a single issue in all that time, but even better, when we have questions it is very easy to get …support on the phone to assist. …their DNS portal is the best and easiest to use that I have ever come across (and I’ve used several). Doug Smart – WhippleHill

They were the most flexible. Giving me exactly what I required in terms of package. Joe Goodings – Greenpeace UK

I have used DynDNS for about 10 years now for personal use and have loved the services. … We migrated over 100 unique domains to the Dynect platform in a couple of days and haven’t looked backed since. Kevin Chu – Digitaria

The price considering features, reliability, and ease of use is very competitive. Their ability to help us globally load balance our traffic (in addition to more traditional DNS) was highly attractive. It was very easy to setup and offered us some very attractive speed enhancements. Brandon Mason – AudienceScience

We moved to Dynect earlier this quarter and couldn’t have been happier… Moving over to the solution took literally a few hours (not days, not weeks) for 75+ zones/domains. Their expert editor makes old hacks like me feel comfortable with the ease of a GUI and the flexibility of command line interface. Lenny Tropiano –

Bottom line: Dynect is easy to implement and effective. Running on Dynect helps me sleep easier at night! Gareth Dismore – SearchSpring

The key benefits we have experienced include: lower total cost of ownership, improved lookup performance (especially for users outside of our key regions), easy and quick DNS updates where required with extremely low propagation times, [and] far greater visibility of DNS throughout. If…having less headaches, improved load-times and trust in your providers are considerations for you, I’d urge you to talk with Dynect today. Andy Piggott – Incutio

Dynect is an excellent service. … All of the flexibility and speed offered make Dynect an excellent choice for Disaster Recovery solutions. …their Control Panel for TTLs coupled with accessibility to non-technical people make dealing with crisis situations simple. Chris Henry – Behance Networks

Since we made the switch to DynDNS, everything has been painless and fantastic. We were looking for a DNS provider w/failover and were up and running quickly. They have fast and reliable service, lighting-quick propagation time and whenever we have questions, there is always someone there to answer the call. Mike Longver – Sendlabs

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