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The Two Types of DynECT Email Delivery Clients

We’ve been asked by many current DynECT Managed DNS clients and partners to define the ideal customer for our booming new service known as DynECT Email Delivery. We support both transactional (automated application triggered) and bulk senders (we power ESPs, large marketing senders) of all sizes and budgets. Not unlike DNS, we charge based on volumes and have premium, affordable and scalable options for every type of sender.

Before I dive in and fully define these customer types, let me expound on our strategy behind moving into this new and exciting space.

One question that is extremely important for a business offering a new service to their enterprise client base to answer: “Is it the same buyer?” When we decided to bring our Standard SMTP service (basic, self sign-up, low volume senders) up market to the enterprise (premium reporting and monitoring features, full API, throttling, ISP relations, high volume senders), we asked and answered that important question to ensure we were putting a complimentary product in front of our treasured core DNS clients.

Before we made this deliberate move, we asked our most loyal and trusted clients what they thought…and they loved the idea. Some contemporaries have bet on DDoS, some on CDN, a few on IPAM and others on web application monitoring. We’re betting hard on email delivery and inbox monitoring.

Email Delivery - Dyn

The two types of DynECT Email Delivery clients

Type A

The first type is the customer paying little-to-no attention to their email. They’ve most likely set up postfix on a server, have moved onto other technical challenges and have zero insight into email metrics.

They might not have the time, expertise, staff or interest in diving in and proactively and constantly evolving their outbound emall efforts. In no way are they prepared for scale but we are. They need Dyn.

Type B

The second type is the customer who is paying a great deal of attention to their email, but is struggling to establish consistent inbox placement, solid IP reputation and high sender scores. These are the clients who are investing great internal resources (people, hardware, staff) toward the avoidance of spamtraps and blacklists and are in the market for a focused expert to partner with. They aren’t quite focused enough. Scale might be killing them. This type needs Dyn too.

For both types of customers, email delivery success (aka email deliverability) is extremely important to the user experience associated with their brand and the overall bottom line of their business. Email is a powerful communication asset and getting messages through can mean the difference between engagement and disengagement — the latter of which is a customer service killer.

Do you fit either type? Not quite sure if DynECT Email Delivery would be a benefit for your biz? To learn more, existing clients can contact their Account Manager and new clients can hit us up at anytime, regardless of where your business is located around the world. Whether it’s the U.S., the UK, Australia, Germany or the tip of Antarctica, we want to improve your delivery rates.

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