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The Top Five Ways We Keep Dyn Weird

As we count down to our party at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas (7 days to be exact) and continue “Taking it to the Streets” to find out what makes our clients unique, it got me thinking about the things that make Dyn tick.

Some of you also might be wondering what would draw so many technology companies to create a presence at a music and film festival…that is until I tell you the city of Austin’s slogan: Keep Austin Weird.

According to Wikipedia, one interpretation of the slogan is as a reference to the many small businesses in Austin which give the city its unique cultural identity. Here at Dyn, we embrace our startup roots and know that with each person we add to our team, our cultural identity gets that much weirder — just the way we like it.

In honor of our upcoming trip to a city that celebrates being different and to our clients who have let us pick their brains and talk about what sets them apart, here are the top 5 ways we are keeping Dyn weird.

5 – The inventors of the “un-strategy”

While all employees at Dyn might be working towards the same end goals, we fully recognize that we are all going to have different methods for reaching them and that is completely fine by us. Earlier this year, VP, Sales and Marketing Kyle York wrote about our Social Media Un-Strategy, clearly defining our, well, lack of definition in this area. Here, we accept that different people have different strengths and we encourage them to work toward them at their job and not against them.

4 – Free to be

In accordance with the different ways we think, we also have a unique atmosphere to work in. You work where you want, whether it’s in a conference room surrounded by peers, on a comfy couch in our lounge or at your actual desk if that’s what you prefer. (We even have a treadmill equipped to hold your laptop, but admittedly it doesn’t get a whole lot of use.)

As we get ready to move to a new and larger space that fits our growing team, we’ve made sure to map out a variety of places and spaces for people to be productive and comfortable at the same time. Unanimously, this also means no florescent lights. That is one area we all seem to agree on.

Dyn Keeps It Weird3 – Being in the land of no failure

At Dyn, it’s not just our rock-solid technology that we engineer for uptime but it’s our people too. But unlike our products and platforms, we think the occasional (but not constant) flop, flub or epic fail with people is actually a critical component of growth.

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day and likewise, great ideas can sometimes take a healthy dose of trial and error. If at first you don’t succeed at Dyn, try, try, try again.

2 – Open door policy

While a lot of companies try to keep information close to their respective belts, Dyn has the opposite approach, priding ourselves on total transparency. When I first started, this seemed like a foreign concept. What do you mean I can pop in on a meeting that sounds interesting? While it might take some time to get used to, Dyn truly embraces open communication, making everyone feel more a part of the success of the company.

1 – There is no box

People always like to say “think outside the box” and to that, we say “What box?” Case in point and the inspiration for this entire post, we are a technology company throwing a party at a music and film festival! While we aren’t the first technology company or the last to decide there is a fit, we always like to put our own spin on it, like rounding up some true musical talent and mixing it in with awards that honor top technology innovators.

If you appreciate the value of being weird and are going to be in Austin for South by Southwest, make sure to drop us a line and RSVP to our party — sure not to be a flop, flub or fail.

Lindsey Smart is the Marketing Manager for Dyn, an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) company that features a full suite of enterprise DNS and email delivery services. Follow her on Twitter: @lindsey_smart and @DynInc.

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