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The Thought Leader Council: Dyn’s IaaS Justice League

If you’re a comics fan, you’re familiar with the Justice League, a group of powerful superheroes that come together for a simple cause: keeping the world safe through the elimination of evil.

In Dyn’s case, the “evil” is website downtime and undelivered email. While there’s not a Mr. Undeliverable or Downtime Monster to battle in the metropolis of Manchester, we have our own panel of experts helping guide us toward our simple cause: Internet Infrastructure excellence.

This week, the Thought Leader Council will converge upon the 603 to meet, discuss, lead and enjoy our open house party. But who is this mysterious group? What do they represent? Who is helping our leadership think bigger and brighter things?

Allow me to introduce our version of the Justice League: The Thought Leader Council.

Dyn - JLAThink brand advocacy board meets product advisory board.

Way back in the day (2007, y’all), Dyn was stepping into the enterprise DNS space. We knew we had a great service, but we had to fight for legitimacy. It’s not easy to get people to trust you with their DNS when you’re starting out, so we needed people we could lean on for support to provide a good word for us.

Dyn created the TLC in an effort to receive continued feedback from our clients and the people selected for this council were chosen not only because of the great companies they represent, but also because of their personal support of our company’s evolution.

So that’s where the TLC comes into play. They were a group of folks who believed in us enough to put their name on the line as they recommended us to other people in their industries. Simply put, this group is comprised of intelligent people whose opinions we trust.

We rely on the TLC to provide us with valuable advice, feedback, insight and direction for our technology, but also in regard to our position in the marketplace at large.

There is no telling where we’d be without them.

Here we are in 2011 and things have changed quite a bit. No longer are we the new kids on the block — we’re an industry leader and it’s time for us to move to the next level with our TLC. We’re flying them out here to share where we’re headed and to find out how we can help them solve the problems they face when it comes to their infrastructure.

Not only that, but they can tell us where they think we should go next and maybe even identify some issues or opportunities we hadn’t yet thought of. It’s also a great opportunity to show our commitment to our customers. By soliciting outside advice and insight, we get out of our comfort zone with real world perspective from people that understand our space.

Who are these people?

Take a look at the list and you’ll see that it’s a prestigious group of folks. We’re fortunate to have them. Here’s their stories, elevator-pitch style:

Kevin Chu – DigitariaFor over four years, Kevin’s been the Manager of System and Infrastructure for Digitaria. A 14+ year veteran, Kevin’s got extensive experience and knowledge in an important area: cloud computing strategy.

Mark Imbriaco – Salesforce After a career in engineering and system administration that has included stops at AOL, 37signals and Heroku, Mark is the Senior Director of Technology Operations for a fairly well-known SaaS provider: Salesforce.

Andy Piggott – Incutio A man of many great shirts, Andy is the Managing Director at Incutio, an online-centric company that specializes in e-commerce, content management and SEO solutions. He’s also been a great help at establishing Dyn’s brand in our new London digs.

Artur Bergman – A self-described ‘hacker and technologist-at-large’, Artur is the co-founder of, a secret project now taking beta applicants, along with being the CTO of Wikia.

Mark Fogg – The EchoNest Following stints at Brightcove and Tremor Media, Mark is the Director of Technical Operations at The EchoNest, a platform that “powers smarter music applications for leading media companies and thousands of independent application developers.”

Jason Evans – MediaMath Another infrastructure ace, Jason brought his years of experience with content delivery network company Panther Express to New York-based MediaMath, the leading provider of digital media trading technology and the first and only enterprise-class DSP, where he’s the VP of Ops and Infrastructure.

Justice League Of America - Dyn

Lenny Tropiano – HomeAway A glance at Lenny’s past details one that is rich in experience with some heavy-hitting tech companies. He’s found himself a home as Senior Systems/Network Architect at HomeAway while also starting IT consulting/services specialists VolPing.

Brandon Mason – DataSong SoftwareAfter an extensive period in various high-level positions at AudienceScience, Brandon is the VP of Product at DataSong, a company that uses analytics through a variety of products to better gauge marketing performance.

Eric Rosenberry – iovation For more than a decade, Eric has worked in infrastructure and networking. For more than three years, he’s been the Senior Infrastructure Architect at iovation, a firm with a variety of solutions protecting businesses from online fraud.

Doug Smart – WhippleHill Doug is the IT Manager of WhippleHill Communications, a Bedford, NH-based company that specializes in providing technology for private schools around the U.S.

David Lemaire – Eastern Mountain Sports One of the most well-known outdoor clothing brands in New England has a New Hampshire education-bred veteran as their Director of Information Technology Services — a guy that’s been with EMS since 2001.

What’s TLC Day all about?

The day will be an opportunity to go more in depth with the group, explain where we’re headed as a company and to get their thoughts on our sanity level. We’ll discuss some upcoming top secret projects — ones important to get client feedback on during the process instead of just before/after the development process wraps up.

We also want to find out where and how we can help them solve problems they have. With this powerful group of minds in one room, the great ideas, feedback and discourse that will take place is pretty mind-blowing.

Follow Along

If you’re interested in following along during the day (and based on the above, who wouldn’t be?), search for the hashtag #DynTLC on Twitter. But after 5:30 pm EST? It’s all about #DynParty…superhero tights optional.

(Thanks to Chris Widner for contributing to the above and helping put this whole TLC Day together.)

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