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Big Upgrades To The Dynect Platform — What’s Next?

The Dyn Engineering and Operations staff has been busy lately, executing a multi-month plan to complete a series of upgrades to the Dynect Platform.

And since we’ve hit a critical milestone recently (as hinted by our recent maintenance windows), here’s an update on what we’ve been up to.

Round One

We completed a project to revise the way that the Dynect Platform handles its internal permission and access control systems. This project was completed mid-March and has significantly sped up the way our system delivers data to users of our web UI and API. This has laid the groundwork for many other features to be implemented later in the year.

Round Two

Hot on the tails of reworking our backend permission system, we quickly focused on changes to our API to support all of the new permissions that the system now offers. We added support for both a variety of DNS record types and additional Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs).

We also overhauled our statistics and reporting backend so that we now display data regarding DNS utilization in our Web UI and API in a much more timely fashion, proving again that DNS IS SEXY.

Round Three

We completed a datacenter migration of the core Dynect Platform backend components, such as the database servers, the application servers and the web/API servers. The upgrade to the latest and greatest hardware has brought speed and reliability improvements to the platform across the board, many of which can be seen just by browsing around the Web UI.

This upgrade also sets the groundwork for smoother maintenance windows in the future by adding additional redundant capacity to the core systems running the Dynect Platform.

What’s Next?

Now that we’ve focused on upgrades to our core systems, it’s time for us to pay attention to the DNS service edge. We have planned upgrades to our Ashburn, Miami, Los Angeles and Seattle nodes planned between now and June 30th. Each site will be getting a refresh of its DNS servers to upgrade to the latest and greatest technology and the core networking equipment in each site is being upgraded.

Our Miami and Seattle sites will have additional IP transit connections added, bringing them up to par in terms of connectivity with all other Dynect Platform nodes. Our capacity to resolve DNS queries will go up and our North American network latency will go down.

With so much work happening today on the system, it can be hard to foresee what’s next but we’re keeping track of that too. In addition to infrastructure upgrades in Europe and Asia, we’re busily working on new features including new “flavors” of our Dynect Traffic Management and overall streamlining of workflows throughout the system.

We cannot wait to show off what we have been cooking up for our customers!

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