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Selling Speed: The Story Of Turbobytes

Both Aaron Peters and Sajal Kayan enjoy spending time indoors at their computers. The only difference is outside Peters’ window, rain is usually falling in the Netherlands, while Kayan looks out onto the bustling streets of Bangkok.

The world of independent web performance consultants is a small one, which is why Peters and Kayan knew each other long before they ever met in person. 

TurbobytesThe two spent the past decade working on some of the biggest problems on the web. Through their experience, they accumulated a mutual respect for each other, commenting on each others’ blogs and sharing ideas. Eventually, the time came for them to meet face-to-face.

It happened in June 2011 in, of all places, Santa Clara, California, at the Velocity Conference.

“We met and enjoyed talking together,” Peters said over Skype from the Netherlands. “Within the first day, we decided we wanted to build a tool together.”

That tool, however, was still a few months off. The men left the sunny shores of California and returned to their respective corners of the globe. In August, they decided to work together. To start, they decided to gather as much quality and factual information as they could on Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

What they discovered was disappointing.

“It was basically impossible to do,” Peters said. “There was nothing out there.”

They decided to change that and created, the definitive tool that helps companies decide which CDN they should choose. The site launched in October and Peters said feedback was immediate and incredibly positive. He said the CDNs and their target audience — users of CDNs — were really impressed.

This motivated them to create a CDN finder tool that allows you to enter a URL and find out which CDN is behind each hostname.

That was just the warm up act.

In November, Peters and Kayan founded Turbobytes, a service that allows companies to have their static content delivered by five global content delivery networks instead of just one. They launched the site in April 2012.

“We are growing rapidly,” said Peters. “Companies easily understand the benefits of having multiple CDNs deliver their content, resulting in optimal performance world-wide and higher reliability.”

Naturally, providing such a service means Turbobytes relies heavily on their DNS provider. During testing, they tried several DNS services, but according to Kayan, it became quickly evident that Dyn’s DynECT Managed DNS had the lowest latency and the most powerful Advanced Traffic Management, which allowed Turbobytes to fulfill all of their promises to their clients.

They have been doing just that and as a result, they’ve been gaining new customers quickly. This is leading to a bright future for Turbobytes, according to Peters, who said they have an ambitious roadmap including SSL support, improved reporting/analytics and several innovative add-on services they will develop and roll out in 2012.

As the company grows, Peters and Kayan have made a pact to meet once a year.

Seeing as they’ve only met once and from that meeting sprang a successful company, the web better watch out. With frequent face-to-face meetings who know what these two can accomplish —  indoors of course, behind their computers.

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