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The Real Cost of Internet Routing

So your business is expanding and you’re investing in your online presence.

Lets see… you’re increasing Internet bandwidth and speed. To get more bandwidth from your ISP you’ll be going from about $2000 a month for Internet connections to around $5000 a month. You’re adding two or three transit partners to get to distant markets more directly and predictably, and that’s going to cost another $3000 to $5000 per partner.

So now you are in for about $220K a year and you’ve got four IP Prefixes connected to the Web. With all this, you’re hiring a full time IT guy and adding more servers to maintain your Internet presence to the tune of about $150K.

Now you’re all in at about $370K a year. But it’s worth the investment.  Forecasts show another $10M in forecasted annual sales bringing you up to an annual $20M run rate, so you have to amp up your presence and capacity to cope.

And Then the Problems Start


It takes you a couple of months to get everything in place and off you go.  Three weeks later you have an hour outage on your Europe transit route.  Customers trying to reach you from Europe are flooding your help desk. When you get the call, you switch over to your Asia route – not as fast and more expensive but it gets your business back up and running.  By the end of the day everything is back up.

Three months later, your Asia transit partner routes get hijacked when another company mistakenly assigns your IP prefixes to their Autonomous System (AS) number network identifier.  It takes a couple of days for you to recognize what has happened.

And then, at the big sales push time of the year, you have a major outage that takes five days to see and to get your transit provider to fix.

So at a $20M a year rate, being down for eight days could mean a loss of about $80,000 in sales, not to mention loss of brand reputation. For bigger companies the impact could be larger.

“Well, this won’t happen to me,” you think.  But in the last month, it has happened to hundreds of companies… network companies, app companies, realty chains, companies like Google, Amazon, Level 3 and China Telecom.

It will happen to you. The question is when will it happen, and what can you do to get an early warning system into place to minimize the impact­­?

An Early Warning System for Internet Events

Monitoring routes to see occurring Internet events will give you early, specific notification of problems such as outages, instabilities, IP prefix assignment changes, redirects of your traffic to unexpected destinations and routing hijacks.

Early detection can spur you to action to minimize lost sales and increased costs by minimizing downtime, performance degradation, overage costs, and reputation hits. Seeing changes also help you to right size your resources and verify that appropriate changes occurred.

Dyn now offers Dyn Internet Alerts, a comprehensive API-based alert feed that allows you to see all Internet routing events that occur on or to your routes. At a price of about $10 an IP Prefix per month, Internet Alerts would have paid for itself in less than three months in the example I note above.

Dyn also offers a complete Internet Intelligence portfolio to allow you to manage both your direct Internet assets and your cloud provider partners as well as maximize your performance and business continuity to markets around the world.

Why not speak to us today to see how Dyn can help your business meet its Internet Performance Challenges? A small investment could literally save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

To learn more about Dyn Internet Alerts and Dyn’s complete Internet Intelligence portfolio, visit:

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