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The Need To Knows Of Sales Engineering

To be a great sales engineer, you must understand, accept, and be fluent in both technology and business.  Being based in New England, I often say that our Sales Engineering Team is the metaphorical-roundabout of the company.

Sales Engineers need to have an intuitive ability to recognize, develop, evangelize, and present proposed technical solutions to customers.  The value a sales engineer adds to a deal can be defined in both higher success rates than a singular sales effort alone SE-roundabout(win rates), higher success rates of technical implementations, and a more efficient way of doing business by understanding/preplanning and removing technical obstacles early.  

The best sales engineers understand that exceptional business and technical acumen are both important ingredients to a successful customer experience.

Know Your Biz!

A great platform, product, and/or service will have virtually no value unless the requirements of the customer’s needs are appropriately met. Wise delineation of what is achievable versus what is a “must-have” is often a great attribute of successful sales engineering and implementation teams.

At Dyn, we have found that if you compose a solution based on a customer’s needs, often times, trust-capital is resurrected between our customers and our company.  I have found this cultivates new business opportunities for Dyn and our customers’ customers (aka, upsell/cross-sell for the win). This is because our customers trust us and understand that the primary point of any given additional business opportunity will directly enhance their services, both for themselves and their customers.

I firmly believe this lesson applies to a multitude of professional services and customer support teams such as implementation specialists, technical account managers, enterprise technical support teams, and customer support engineers.

Know Your Tech!

With technology and market expectations increasing at a higher velocity, various applications and cloud-based solutions launching at the speed-of-now, maintaining an appropriate level of technical knowledge becomes harder and harder. It is extremely important for our sales engineers and implementation specialists to speak simply and logically about our solutions, features, and benefits without convoluted powerpoint presentation and leave behinds.

To stay “in the know”, our sales engineers have continuous access to product training, subject matter expert sessions, Confluence and documentation releases, JIRA releases, CRM enhancements, product marketing, branding awareness, SLA improvements, BCP and security training, compliance audits, sales training, new business development initiatives, etc, etc, etc (hashtag, brain melting).

Staying current with your company’s tech can sometimes be a ridiculous expectation. One separator and value-add we have at Dyn is our sales engineers and implementation specialists are not afraid to ask questions, collect expectations, and simply say, “I don’t know.”  Additionally, we have modeled some pretty neat cross-team communication conduits to keep information flowing fast and furious.

Through global collaboratives like; subject matter groups (SME Committee), mentorship programs, DynU initiatives, internal team knowledge repositories, content libraries, quarterly seminars and training, the occasional travel summit, and monthly “ask the expert” initiatives, the Dyn sales engineering & implementation services team cultivates and fosters an ongoing t-model, cross-team talent and personal growth, forklift.

These initiatives are just as crucial to our team and company success as the thousands of technical engagements we have with our potential and current customers.

So, the next time you encounter one of our esteemed sales engineers, expect; technical expertise, business savvy, and a person with a passion to not only exceed your technical and experiential expectations, but empower you to optimize and enhance your company’s Internet performance.

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Whois: Mikel Steadman

Mikel Steadman was the Director of Sales and Solutions Engineering at Oracle Dyn, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.

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