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The Importance Of The People Behind The Technology

When evaluating a new Managed DNS provider there are a variety of elements to consider from technology to integration to SLAs. But there is one crucial dynamic that is often overlooked: the people behind the technology.

The experience, enthusiasm and expertise of these people can be the difference between having a vendor and having a partner.

At Dyn, we realize that our best asset is our people, especially the ones who run our own network. Their experience running and operating Dyn’s globally distributed network provides us unique insight that we share with our customers. We know what keeps you up at night because we are living the same concerns every day. As a result, our team has developed an “ask why” culture in which everyone, from management to individual contributors, is encouraged to explore why something has happened in an effort to extract as much collective wisdom as possible. At Dyn, we then share those insights with our customers and the broader internet infrastructure community. This mentality has allowed our team the ability to adapt to the constantly changing environment that is the public internet.

In our newest whitepaper, our Director of Infrastructure Joe Abley, discusses the strategy behind both the building of Dyn’s own network and the training of the amazing people who are keeping it up and running.

To borrow from Joe, “Spending money on equipment and capacity will only get you so far. Having the right people in the right culture during a crisis is worth every penny.”

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Whois: Adam Coughlin

Adam Coughlin is a Senior Manager, Corporate Communications at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.