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The Importance of the Cloud Edge and Edge Security Services

In a recent post on Forbes titled, “Why a Well-Managed Cloud Edge is the Key to Speed and Availability” Oracle Dyn GM Scott Hilton made the point that the tech industry doesn’t talk nearly enough about the cloud edge and edge security.  I have taken that as an open invitation to start talking about the cloud edge because it is one of the most critical components to ensuring the online success of businesses both large and small, and one where there is a tremendous amount of activity happening.

Businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to capitalize on the benefits that the cloud brings – benefits in terms of scalability, agility, global performance, and also keeping ahead of an ever-evolving threat landscape. However, in order to experience these benefits, they must ensure that the people accessing their workloads and applications receive a safe, high quality experience every time, regardless of where they are in the world.

As they begin moving applications to the cloud, many businesses will test the waters of these complex new environments, ensuring the stability, configuration, and performance of each application, as they gradually steer their end users to the new infrastructure. Additionally, the multi-cloud trend has seen increasing adoption in the past year, evidence businesses are realizing that simply being first to market doesn’t ensure a cloud platform delivers the best performance or the optimal solution for all workloads. By performing intelligent traffic steering at the edge, these businesses can be certain that everyone will receive the highest quality experience possible according to where their applications reside. This is one of the key reasons the cloud edge and edge security play such an important role today and that role will only increase as more applications move to the cloud and new technologies enable more advanced capabilities at the edge of the network.

This importance is why there has been a lot of investments in cloud edge and edge security services over the last year. Only this week, Citrix announced the acquisition of Cedexis, an internet traffic management company. But that’s just the latest announcement in a recent flurry of activity: Akamai acquired Nominum in October, Datadog acquired Logmatic in September, Instana raised a $20 million Series B in December, and Lightstep raised $29 million in November. The cloud landscape continues to evolve, with new services and locations constantly being introduced.

As the edge to a world class cloud, the Oracle Dyn team has been keeping a close eye on the types of market developments above while we’re hard at work ensuring the Oracle Cloud delivers the best performance, scale, and security at the edge for both enterprise workloads as well as  the innovative new applications that will transform the market landscapes of tomorrow.

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Corey Hamilton is a Market Intelligence Manager at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.

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