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The Importance Of Being Trained: Why Onboarding Increases Employee Retention

I often see people’s confusion when I tell them what I do for a living. Senior Training Designer…what’s that?  Simply put, it means that I help people learn. While I’m not always responsible for the actual teaching, I help those who are teaching share it with as many people as possible as best they can.

I am not teaching science or math, however. I am teaching people about Dyn as I am an onboarding specialist and believe in its value.

It usually takes me a few minutes to explain what I do. I don’t mind however, because it as an opportunity to inform people about the importance of being onboarded and trained properly where you work. After all, statistics show that new employees who go through a structured onboarding program are 58% more likely to be with the organization after three years. 

Why onboard?

While onboarding and training can take place across the many different departments here at Dyn, the same message is delivered: better, faster, stronger. Whether you’re in sales, engineering or client services, my job is to make sure people adapt to this fast-paced environment as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

Having a thorough onboarding means that employees feel comfortable more quickly. When an employee knows what to do, he/she can start doing it. This means employees contribute earlier. This fast ramp-up cycle has helped fuel our growth. Employees who feel like they’re doing a good job and are contributing to the company’s success tend to stay with the company longer.

Picture of a conference room with people sitting and talking
CRO Kyle York (far right) talks with new employees during an onboarding session.

I am unable to do this alone, of course. With the help of our c-level, managers and general staff, we are able to make the onboarding/training experience a great one.

The amount of time it takes to design and initiate these on-boarding/training tracks for each department varies but they all require a great amount of collaboration, especially between the subject matter expert (SME) and me.

Don’t be afraid to change

It is because of this participation that we can begin to discuss further improvements in existing classes and create new ones. For example, we now have a one-day onboarding program in place that covers everything from parking to security training to how Dyn got started.

Let’s be honest: understanding managed DNS and email delivery can be overwhelming. Add in a new office, new co-workers and figuring out where the bathroom is and those first few days can be rough. But our onboarding program provides our employees with a nice overview of what we are about without overwhelming them with a million details.

This is a significant change from what used to be a scattered schedule throughout an employee’s first few weeks. The training and continued onboarding that occurs after that day involves many different types of classes and experiences, all of which are tailored to each person’s role.

For example, our Intro to Marketing class allows employees to visit with our head of marketing and understand how we market ourselves and how each one of us is a part of promoting this business. This in turn helps us to realize how important our marketing team is and teaches us how to best utilize them.

Never settle

While there is still work to be done and many improvements to be made, I am pleased to be part of such a wonderful and supportive company.

What is your company doing to help onboard employees? Drop a comment below or email your tips and suggestions here. This also might be a great topic at the next Culture-Con!

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