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The History Behind Dyn’s Upcoming New Sign

As a hyper-growth company, many people believe that Dyn spends a lot of time looking toward the future. While that is true, we also have a great appreciation for our past and our history.

We did not stumble upon Manchester, New Hampshire because it is the tech capital of the world. We built our business here because it is our home and we are proud of its strong history and want to play a role in its future.

We are incredibly fond of the mill building that houses our 60,000 square foot office spaces. In years past it was home to some of the greatest technological innovation in the world. Along with our friends at DEKA and other companies, we are trying to replicate that today. That is why I am talking today not about a sign but about history.

Let me explain.

It was about a year ago when our CEO came to me with a request to put a sign on the roof. Seems simple enough, right? If you’ve ever maintained a property before you know there is no such thing as a simple request.

First, we wanted a sign that made a statement. We wanted that statement to be more than simply saying, “Dyn is here!” We looked at the sign as a chance to link our collective past to the future. This is why we wanted to model our sign after the famous Pandora sign that dominated the millyard so many years ago.

Like any involved property owner, our landlord was a little uneasy regarding such significant change. When approached with the idea about the Pandora sign, he held some reservations and thought it best to run the idea past his mother, the long time owner of the mill building that houses the Dyn company headquarters.

Come to find out, his mother’s family started the Pandora sweater mill and that his mother, May Gruber, was the person whose writing the sign was modeled after.

Pandora Mill Sign

This gave us a great idea: What if we asked May to sketch out our sign? Before passing away, at the age of 101, May drew our name on a piece of paper, and with that act, blessed the installation of the Dyn sign. Handwriting

Now that we had the beginnings of our sign’s design, it was time to seek approval from the Dyn Marketing team. Once I told Kyle York, Dyn’s Chief Revenue Officer, the story, he was in, even though the sign didn’t match our usual branding.

Next, we met up with an architect to get design options created and selected. Once we had our finalized design, it was time to ask Scott Aubertin of First Sign to spec the artwork and seek out approvals from the city of Manchester. Simple enough, right? (Can you see a theme developing here?)

After two rounds with the Historical Commission, and two rounds with the Manchester Zoning Board, we got the approvals in hand. In obtaining those approvals, we made the case that Dyn was looking to create a beacon for the city of Manchester – we simply wanted to tell those passing by on 293, that the city was open for business.

Sign Concept

The millyard has a history of being a place of innovation. The evidence is tangible, it helped lay the foundation for modern textile manufacturing and the industrialization of many goods that we take for granted today. In honor of this and Manchester’s proven prosperity for entrepreneurial ventures, particularly startups, we wanted to keep that spirit alive. We want to let the world know that it still is a home for trailblazers.

So as we prepare for the fabrication and installation of our new sign this summer, we look ahead to our future. One that attracts even more businesses to call Manchester “home.” One that changes the way we do things for the better. One that continues to light the way.

Here’s to the future!

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Whois: Paul Mailhot

Paul Mailhot is a Senior Director of Sales at Oracle Dyn Global Business Unit, a pioneer in managed DNS and a leader in cloud-based infrastructure that connects users with digital content and experiences across a global internet.

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