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The Complement to APM and NPM is Here

The Cloud. It’s all the things outside of my stack that I am responsible for. Simple, right?

The simple truth is Dyn’s global monitoring infrastructure identifies more than 3,000 outages, instabilities, or anomalies each day.

The cloud represents billions of connected devices, millions of routers, and countless layers of switching fabric — All of which are responsible for traversing your customers and employees (sometimes those shareholders) to your organization’s online endpoints and origins.

Outages will occur

sales-surgeA lack of insights and control over the deep Internet and resultant risks, keeps many a CIO (and many of you listening today) up at night. Especially this time of year. Make no mistake outages will occur; just as we all – once again – witnessed on this previous Cyber Monday. It’s really bad for business when a site becomes unavailable, but it’s horrible when a regional provider goes down.

A regional outage can easily affect the bottom line of companies everywhere. When this happens, you must be able to react in a timely fashion with tools and procedures to mitigate the risk and restore presence.

Your Customers Do Not Care Whose Fault It Is

Today, the Internet is a critical layer to growing your business. But, how do you grow your business while mitigating the risks of doing business on the net? Especially, when you don’t have controls over critical aspects of transit and reachability?

Likewise, how do you strategically and confidently incorporate global Internet insights to better plan, monitor, analyze, control, etc — manage all the relationships and transactions happening around the net?


Make the Internet a Competitive Advantage

Dyn is not about application, or network performance. Dyn is about Internet Performance.

While major outages are rare, regional outages and performance degradations are always happening somewhere. Application performance and network performance solutions do not address reachability.

Instead of looking at the speed of a transaction from endpoint to endpoint, we introduce the concept of monitoring the whole Internet in what is effectively real-time, this from the perspective of a user within a market.

Dyn is the final step to a complete operational perspective. Where you may have investments in APM or NPM solutions, Internet Performance Management addresses the void; the space between your customers and your online assets — shining a light into what has been a black box.

Typical Key Business Issues

Dyn provides a unique perspective by combining a global fabric of remotely located monitoring sensors that cover the entire Internet, together with fault tolerance and traffic steering in the Cloud. Top that off with sophisticated centralized control of how users see your publicly facing assets.

I went ahead and polled and pulled some of the more obvious key business issues the sales engineers are uncovering with customers:

  • Customer has great end-to-end application and network views, but they do not have a global perspective.
  • Customer is not being alerted of outages and instabilities impacting the markets they serve. The worse kind of outage is one you cannot see or have limited controls to respond to.
  • Customer needs control over how they steer their web traffic around troubled circuits.
  • Customer looking to gain contract leverage by employing a dual CDN vendor approach — requires recurring performance data engine to make choices and hold SLAs. Possible expansion to load balance CDN with our DNS.
  • Customer expanding into a new market with bare-metal. Planning ability is limited due to lack of regional vendor comparisons — needs objective availability, performance, and reachability data.
  • Customer could leverage a global view coupled with traffic load-balancing and active failover – in the cloud, outside of potential regional outages.



Some of you are in the cloud today, some still on bare-metal data centers; many have a hybrid approach. Dyn is technology and platform agnostic. Regardless of your current investments, Dyn plays equally well; filling the monitoring gaps APM or NPM solutions suffer from.

Today, IT and the business are not separate entities. Today, Sales and Marketing and the business are not separate entities. The mission of IT, Sales, Marketing, and the mission of your business is the same; Increase revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risk — to ensure technological and economic growth and viability of the enterprise.

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