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The 4 Cs of Conversion

If you are a retailer, you understand the importance of conversions. Whether you sell online or in store (or both), you most likely have a goal to constantly increase your conversion rate. More conversions equal more customers, which equals more future potential sales.

If you’re not optimizing your online experience for your customers, you’re most likely missing out on hundreds—if not thousands—of conversions. For alliteration’s sake, we’ve broken down the four areas that you need to focus on for better conversions into the four Cs: Customer Loyalty, Cart Abandonment, Consistency of Experience, and Channels.

Customer Loyalty

One of the great things about the Internet is that it gives us as consumers so many different options. We can buy from different companies across the world and easily compare different products. While this makes a great buying experience for consumers, it creates great obstacles for retailers.

Keeping a customer loyal no longer falls on producing a good product (although that obviously helps). If your website isn’t performing when a customer is ready to make a purchase, they can easily leave and buy from a competitor with a simple click. In fact, it only takes 3 seconds of waiting time for a customer to abandon a website.

You can increase your website’s performance many different ways. Managed DNS providers with extensive networks can ensure that your visitors can connect with your website faster and can help with eliminating downtime. You can also pair your DNS service with a CDN for added performance. CDN’s are especially useful if your website serves a lot of content (like images of all of your products).

Cart Abandonment

There’s nothing more frustrating than a customer filling up their shopping cart and then never clicking “purchase”. Obviously, the more abandoned carts you have, the fewer conversions you have. While you can’t know for sure why a customer abandons a cart, there are a few things you can do to limit abandonments or at least get customers to return.

Two-thirds of global consumers say that slow-loading websites and skepticism around site security lead to abandoned carts. Many also say that a site’s performance goes hand in hand with their perceived security on that site. To fix this problem, increasing your Internet Performance is your best option. Ensure that your page load times are as fast as possible and test the flow of a purchase. Are there any snags that make it easy for a customer to drop off? Does the checkout form load fast enough?

If you already have great load times, you may just have a problem with drawing customers back to an abandoned cart. Like previously mentioned, there’s no way of knowing why a customer abandoned their cart. If you can rule out site performance, it may be something as simple as their credit card being too far away from them at the time they wanted to purchase (been there, done that). To get these customers to complete their purchases, make sure that you have triggered email sends set up so that after a certain amount of time they will receive an email reminding them to come back. To increase the possibility of a purchase even more, you can offer discounts or free shipping to entice the buyer.

Consistency of Experience

If you have a global customer base, keeping your online experience across all borders is important for increasing your conversions. About 60% of global online shoppers have stated that they would be willing to purchase from other countries if it was faster and easier.

If your managed DNS provider has an extensive global network, you can easily ensure that your customers around the world are experiencing the same level of performance. You can also look into monitoring solutions, like Dyn Internet Intelligence, to gain a more granular look at how your website is performing around the world.


Once you’ve ensured that your business’ online experience is consistent over all regions that you serve, you should make sure that the same rings true for all channels.

If your business was built as a traditional brick and mortar store that has moved online, make sure that your web or mobile experience is just as great as what customers experience in store. Are items as easy to find online as they are in store? Is it easy to get customer service on your website? Treat your website just as a virtual store front and try to replicate the in-store experience as best as possible.

If you follow these four Cs, you should be on the right track towards creating more conversions for your business.

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