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Thanks(giving) From the Dyn Family

This time of year, you usually hear messages of thanks from family, friends and even corporate entities. While we like to look at ourselves differently as Dyners, we really have a lot to be thankful for this year. I’d like to give a little attention and thanks to our customers, employees, families, and our vendors.

We’d Have Nothing Without Our Customers

Without our customers, we have nothing. Customers like Twitter grew with Dyn from Standard DNS to our DynECT Managed DNS platform. As Dyners, we cannot express our sincere thanks enough to our customers who believe in our technology and us as a company. You are what motivates us to come to work each day. We love telling your stories and being a part of your success and growth. Your success and growth is our success and growth.

We also have a group of customers who help us make sure our future products in DNS, Email and in our Labs are competitive and solve certain technological issues. To our Thought Leader Council, thank you for your insight.

To all our customers, we cannot thank you enough for helping us get to where we are today. We sincerely look forward to our futures together.

Employees Are Our Foundation

Many companies have slogans, which promote their culture or what they are all about. Some put tag lines on posters or plaques in their lobbies. However, when you walk into our office, there are no posters or plaques that commemorate our culture. What you will find is a video screen that displays how cohesive our teams are through the Strengthsfinder program. We show how similar we are, but also how we value our diversity.

Thanksgiving CraftsWhy is that? It is my belief that employees have our culture buried deep in their bones and no marketing literature is needed to promote it. It just exists. Instead, we promote traits we all share and how it makes us a better organization. Rather than a tag line stating “what we WANT to be”, we show “what we ARE”.

Our employees are extremely motivated, happy and loyal. From my experience in public accounting, we have an extremely low employee turnover rate. Sure, we have excellent benefits which certainly helps. However, I’d like to think there is something more that keeps our employees motivated and loyal. I know for a fact our executive team appreciates each and every employee and the work that they do here.

On behalf of the executive team, thank you to every employee for your contributions to customers, our technology and to each other. We can’t do it without you. You are what makes Dyn a special place to work.

Our Families Share Our Successes and Failures

As noted, our employees work very hard. Sometimes, it is to the detriment of our families. It might be working overtime to prepare for potential storms or to upgrade our customer-facing systems. Our families are the ones who take the brunt of our jobs. They share in our triumphs and the things that didn’t go as well as expected. To this, we sincerely thank our families. Your support in what we do helps us get out of bed every day and stay motivated. You may not always understand the technology behind our products, but standing behind our choice to work at Dyn allows us to offer the best services and products offerings to the world day in and day out.

Our Vendors Are Partners That Put Faith in Us

Imagine a group of recent college graduates going to a major hardware vendor, bank, or other service provider wanting to place an order for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Early in Dyn’s beginnings, the concept of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) was foreign to most people. The idea of cloud computing was unknown. For those vendors who believed in us, partnered with us and gave us insight and perspective, we are extremely grateful. Without you, our systems wouldn’t be as rock solid as they are today.

Our vendors range from software, hardware, services, and even contractors who helped build the amazing office space we currently occupy. You were and continue to be a part of our outstanding success.

So to all of our customers, employees, families and vendors, please accept our humblest thanks from Dyn. We couldn’t do it without you. We wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season.

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