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Introducing #Passtag At TechCrunch Disrupt

Over the years, one of my biggest challenges as a marketer has been how to translate offline marketing efforts online and vice versa. For years, I’ve been hitting my head against walls trying to crack the Konami code, and today I realized something: you people all suck – with your wise phones, iPods, tablets, Walkmans, etc…I’m just done.

You get the point. I’m fed up with how disconnected the internet actually is with the real world. To placate my own disgruntled attitude, I’ve invented a social game using Twitter that kicks off this weekend at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York City:



The concept is pretty simple. We made a giant physical hashtag with simple instructions:

  1. Find something you want to hashtag.
  2. Take a picture and start your tweet just like this: “#Passtag @DynInc” Simple as that!
  3. Pass the physical hashtag to someone else.

The goal is to see how far the hashtag travels by tracking “#Passtag” on Twitter. Look for us in NYC all week and follow the hashtag on Twitter.

So with honor, and much respect for the interwebs, I kick it off here:


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