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Talking Email At Harvard, Mass Tech Leadership Council

For the longest time, the good folks here at Dyn Inc. have been known for racking up the mileage to speak and appear at events in the U.S. and abroad, spreading the gospel about what we do and meeting our customers, future customers and fans along the way.

Recent examples include South By Southwest Interactive, Lisa Hagemann’s presentation at SCALE 9x and ICANN 40. (Here’s our constantly updated list, by the way.)

In the next few weeks, the SendLabs team will get into the mix as well with an appearance at Harvard University and at IBM on behalf of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council.

Monday, March 21 – Harvard University

Yours truly will head to Harvard for the first time to speak in front of the Harvard Social Media Group, discussing the great debate of email vs. social and why there needs to be a debate at all. Mobile will come into the talk as will plenty of stats and great discussion. I’m also looking forward to chatting email in general, so it should be a great afternoon!

The session goes from 12:30-2 pm and information on attending can be found here. If you’re on Twitter and can’t be there, just search for the hashtag #HarvardSocial and follow them here.

So who are they? Their description: “The group meets monthly to discuss and demonstrate the variety, security, implementation & uses of social media tools and the social web.”

I’m heading to Harvard and not paying parents would be so proud!

Thursday, April 7 – Mass Technology Leadership Council Session at IBM

Brett Houle, the man that ran the day-to-day at SendLabs and now oversees the progress of email services here at Dyn, will be part of an esteemed panel at the Mass Technology Leadership Council’s April breakfast series, talking about software-as-a-service and ‘Thinking Outside The Box To Stay Ahead Of The Curve“.

The event will be held at IBM in Waltham, MA, and includes Matt Johnson from OmniStrat, Alex Chriss from Intuit and Doug Kim from PegaSystems. Commonwealth Capital Ventures’ Mike Fitzgerald will do a keynote address and will moderate the panel discussion.

Registration is required and you can find out more about the Council here. Do follow them on Twitter as well, will you?

Plenty more to come! Where should we go next?

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