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Taking To The Streets: Dyn Visits NYC

(On Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012, a group of Dyn’ers traveled to New York City to take photos for our new employee-only cafe. The following is an account of what happened.)

So there was this idea, that we do a mad dash to NYC and take it by storm. The reason? Spread some Dyn love in the city that never sleeps, see the city, eat some food and take some photos of Dyn’ers to put up in our cafe.


Absolutely. But sometimes those can be the best plans.

If we were going to do this, we had our work cut out before us, and we needed to move fast. Armed with a #DynNYC suburban full of swag, a ridiculous list of places to try and visit, an all Beastie Boys soundtrack and a copy of Ghostbusters and Krush Groove for inspiration, we were off.

At around 3:45 a.m. on Oct. 3, the away team gathers at 150 Dow street, consisting of Web Developer Lynda Elliott, Chef Kevin Donahue,  Sous-Chef Molly Mansfield, and myself.

The Dyn’ers drove in style.

As we pack up the suburban, we notice on the far side of the parking lot a tall mysterious figure carrying a backpack is coming our way. Is it the ever-roaming nomadic Bruce Banner looking to be left alone? Nope, it’s Legal Eagle Rich Peterson who’s a literally last minute edition to the team, catching a ride down to the city to file some paperwork.

By 4:19… we ride!

Around 9:30 a.m., we find ourselves driving through the streets of Manhattan, working our way towards Times Square where we are looking to meet up with our 6th and final member of the team – Sales Rep Bobby Condon who knows the city in and out.

It’s my first time driving through the city, which apparently you’d never know according to Kevin, as I proceed to cut people off, change lanes left and right and so on. Some say me driving in NYC is super frightening. I say it’s super awesome.

After stashing the car, we hit the streets looking for food, and immediately hit up a small deli/cafe/store all-in-one and order some food. With a full grill on one side and what looks to be a mini-grocery store on the other side, we’re not really certain what to make it.

One interesting thing of note is that above us on the walls there seems to be portraits of what I’m assuming are inspirational people throughout history. The trio that I focus on is Einstein, Ricky Martin, and JFK all in a row.

Diverse indeed.

With some food in the belly, we hit Times Square to hand out some swag, meet some folks and invite others to the Interop Dyntini that was happening that night. Along the way we take in the sites and sounds, and see some great street performers – Like the naked cowboy, of course.NakedCowboy

From Times Square we jump on the subway for a quick ride to the World Trade Center and the surrounding area. While we didn’t spend much time here, it was pretty inspiring to be able to see Freedom Tower being built, reaching high into the sky. To see it from across the street at St. Paul’s Cathedral was simply amazing.

We catch up with Bobby’s uncle, a retired NYPD detective, in a park near Park Row. He takes us on a walking tour of the area, as well as City Hall, the Courthouse and Foley Square. There is some really cool and fantastic old architecture in this area that I haven’t really seen elsewhere.

From here we hoof it over to the Brooklyn Bridge.

En route, we’re able to see the old Ma Bell building – the original DNS. Not exactly the most exciting building in NYC to look at, but it has a lot of history to it. The Bridge itself is pretty fantastic – connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn – it is the oldest suspension bridge in the US and is just really cool looking. While images of Cloverfieldmay come to mind, all is calm here on this foggy day.

Bobby Condon (left) and Rich Peterson on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Taking a very crowded, very hot subway train may sound appealing to some, but this really wasn’t the case, as we headed from the Brooklyn Bridge to Grand Central Station. Once off the subway though it felt pretty great. Heading to the main terminal we were able to take it in all its beauty.

By this point it’s almost time for the Dyntini at the Sky Room.

After a long hard day of playing tourist and meeting folks we broke for a quick drink and were off again to connect with coworkers in town for Interop, as well as some of the folks that we met through the day.

Up the 32 flights to this rooftop bar we were treated to some fantastic views of the city, including the Empire State Building. With music by Aunt Martha, the party went well into the night.

By the end of the day we didn’t hit nearly as many places as would have liked, nor did we eat as much iconic New York food as we wanted to, but in the end, we came, we saw, we partied (Veni Vidi Dyntini is the saying if I recall).

One thing I did learn though is if you have a crew of six folk wearing the same “Dyn INC” shirt, people are not shy about asking you “What is D-Y-N?”

In the end I can’t guarantee many of them understood DNS, but I am certain they know who we are now.


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