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Taking it to the Streets: NYC Kick Off!

This week marks the kick off of our Taking it to the Streets campaign, and where better to start than the city that doesn’t sleep — New York City! This is our effort as a New Hampshire based technology company, to be integrated with a different community and to profile customers to find out how they are different, and to find out what the scene is like in a city known to be a hub of business, technology and great energy. During the month, we’ll be more accessible to our client base here through our attendance of multiple shows (Interop, Adtech, etc.). We will also be spending the day with a few of our great clients and are setting up a remote office, ensuring that our emergence in New York City life is complete.

Here are some of the companies helping us take it to the streets in NYC:

A pretty recent startup in the monitoring/performance space. They were essentially launched this year by a team from Doubleclick. Web performance is critical but already has some established competitors and takes both scale and trust to be a convincing alternative. I aim to find out, how they get going and where their opportunity is.

A web site building tool, they are critically acclaimed and serve billions of websites per month. They raised about $40mm of funding earlier this year and have now moved their office. It’s a huge space and they seem to be going after it in a big way.  How has the company changed to meet a larger customer base?  As they expand, how do they keep to their focus?

A company that helps advertisers reach people through a cost-per-lead model. Cost-per-lead has not been a typical model in the huge advertising space. They are in a unique area of the city which has had a bit of a renaissance. So, how do they lead a space to a new model?

A casual multiplayer/online gaming company. They use a freemium model and have over 3 million users. Developing and testing games is tough to get right (fickle audience and tough monetization strategy) but they seem to have figured it it out. How do they think about what’s next and where they want to go? Is it more blockbuster games or continuous improvement of the games they have? As a social networking site, how do they do gaming differently?


they allow users to build and manage an online portfolio website. There are many smart people working on website builders and the question of how are they different is important. Is it more important to have a smaller, more dedicated audience or a larger audience? Who is the core? This is also a freemium model so they must think about what features to make free and what to charge for.

What we’re interested in learning:

  • What do each of these companies do that’s special for their clients and users?  How do they do client services, sales, or support stand out?
  • How is their product different?
  • Since they started, what do they do differently? What early mistakes did they make, what have you learned, what have you changed, and what have you kept the same?
  • What’s next for these companies? What does 2011 and beyond hold?
  • How has the culture changed as the company has scaled? All of these companies are successful but are thinking of what’s next.  As they grow, what changes?

In the next six months at Dyn, we’ll be expanding our office, so space planning and the office culture is an important consideration. Ultimately we aim to keep most if not all the good stuff and fix the things we don’t like so much, so while we may be a provider for the companies listed above, we also share many similarities and see a great opportunity to learn about how they are looking to revolutionize their online business.

Stay tuned for more on our month in NYC, and if you’re in town drop us a line. At the end of this leg, we’ll be hosting a DynTini for everyone involved and we’d love for you to join us!

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