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Taking it to the Streets: Finding out What Matters in NYC

I’ve been immersed in all things NYC for over a week now and am getting acclimated to new surroundings. It’s been great being closer to some of our customers, hearing what they are doing, learning what we can do better, and seeing how people/companies in NYC operate differently than we do in Manchester, NH. In addition to being more accessible to the people who use our products everyday, it’s a great learning experience, one I hope to take with me and pass on at Dyn.

Here are the 3 Big Things that Matter in NYC:

Mobile applications definitely have a bigger impact in an urban setting. There have been a number of times down here where I’ve wanted to find something. The context of where I am and who or what I am looking for makes a huge difference. For example, Google and an iPhone work pretty well together for the what (How about a Chipolte near 600 3rd Ave, NYC) but we don’t have a “where is my wife” application (assuming she wants me to be able to find her). Not that I plan to make a habit of losing track of my wife, but it’s clear that making sure these sites are running is a huge deal.

Each place is unique in the resources it has available. With people, this is hard to quantify, so lets take shoes as an example. Around Manchester and outside Boston, the same selection of shoes (style and utility) is generally available at every shoe store – chains and independents. While the same is generally true between NYC shoe stores, the offerings are different from the region where Dyn is located. For companies looking for mass appeal and the best ideas, diversity of opinion is important and being able to cast a wider net is critical.

Collaboration tools in NYC seem to be a lot better – and I say this knowing Dyn is well setup for online collaboration. We have a mix of internal tools where teams can collaborate on documents, workplans and projects. Our exec team recently changed our meeting formats to be more interactive and between texts, cell phones, Jabber (for chat), and email, everyone is up to speed on just about everything. I normally work entirely from a laptop and iPhone. As people continue to travel and companies have multiple locations, the ability to collaborate is key.

I have a busy week ahead, with our first Take It To The Streets profile going up this week or next; stay tuned!

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