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SXSW Is Irrelevant: #DynMMT 2013 In Review Video

Joe Fletcher
Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons rock the #DynMMT stage. (Photo:

Haters are gonna hate. Players are gonna play. Those are the constant truths of SXSW all four years I’ve attended.

2013 was the greatest SXSW yet for Dyn, and 2014 will be even better. However, all of the foolish blog posts and commentary I’ve heard about how this show has become irrelevant still amazes me. These people don’t know what relevance is. Relevance was once lightning in a bottle B-to-C startups breaking through because of luck, timing, buzz and backing. Now, B-to-B is all the rage.

This event is ideal for enterprise startups both to see their clients and to understand how their prospects want to buy – casually. The show is bigger and better than ever, but you just need to know how to work it (#hustle). Tricked ya with that headline, didn’t I? You see, when you identify as a fast growth startup with amazing growth rates and a stellar client roster, this show simply can’t be matched. THE Internet is truly in Austin, TX, for five days.

Here’s a recap from our time in Austin, including the world premiere of our 2013 video!

Bringing THE Internet to Austin

In case you missed it, we released a pretty epic marketing campaign about our stronghold in Internet infrastructure. We attended amazing events by amazing clients whose infrastructure we power to ensure their websites are optimized and their emails hit the inbox. Say Media was my favorite event (outside of ours) and is a phenomenal client. We went rogue and shined our campaign on the sides of buildings and shouted in the streets. Did you see it?

SXSW: Powered by Dyn

Here’s a little known fact: our managed DNS, traffic management and email delivery services helped power the technical teams behind before, during, and after this year’s event. We hope to make this a long term alignment. Yes, that same Internet I mentioned above? We played a pretty serious role in it.

Dyn Music Meets Tech @ Cedar St. Courtyard

If I’m about to attend a networking event (err, party) with a dude fest (this show and the whole tech industry skews heavily male), I really don’t want to be dancing to club music by some DJ. Each year, we rent out the best venue in all of Austin for a few thousand of our closest VIPs and some crazy talented indie bands. Dawes, Deer Tick’s John McCauley, Delta Spirit and Kopecky Family Band highlighted the night, while Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons stole the early show with an inspiring performance.

Big thanks to our partners GYK Marketing and 1band1brand, along with key sponsors Timbre, Wavu Digital and Sitecore for getting involved.

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Homeaway, AirBNB, Redapt, Chargify, Say Media, Google, Twitter, Amazon, Softlayer, Rackspace, Zappos, Sitecore, Stackpop, Gemvara meet and greets highlighted the lineup. I’m sure all our competitors will now go and call all these guys…go for it. That’s called being opportunistic, but remember, relationships reign. People work with people they like and stick with companies that deliver. Dyn delivers.

Interactive Expo (Seriously!)

Believe it or not, the actual conference center and expo has drastically evolved over the past four years, and is far more pro than it’s ever been. I still wouldn’t sign off on a booth at a show since biz is done in the streets, at the bars and in hotel lobbies, but it’s worth a walk through at minimum. I was pretty pumped to hear the interview with Steve Case, AOL founder and head of Revolution, who told his story and gave advice to entrepreneurs.

Rock On Foundation – NH Represents

Okay, I’m giving a plug. Congrats to this great NH foundation, the San Antonio Spurs, and the Bonner brothers for putting on their own great Wednesday afternoon show.

As the end of the video says, see you next year!

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