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Super Bowl, Super Clients: Twitter, HomeAway, Groupon And The Best Ad That Didn’t Run In The Big Game

We talk all the time about the love for our clients and it’s really cool to see them succeed when the eyes of the world are upon them…like this past Sunday as part of the world’s most viewed television event in history. These three stood out on Super Sunday for different reasons…


For the longest time, we’ve known that Twitter was huge. Hell, you know how big Twitter is and don’t need yours truly to explain that. But we still take pride when they continue to hit amazing benchmarks, especially the web traffic they experienced Sunday. From their blog:

The big event had its own Twitter record, too. If you tweeted at 10:07:16pm EST, you helped set a new Twitter record: during the final moments of the game, fans sent 4,064 Tweets per second (TPS) – the highest TPS for any sporting event. That spike shattered the previous record in the sporting world: the 3,283 TPS sent during Japan’s 3-1 victory over Denmark during last summer’s World Cup. In fact, Twitter users shattered that record six times over the course of the game – including early touchdowns by the Packers and Steelers and throughout the halftime show. (Still, all of this Super Bowl tweeting wasn’t enough to top the all-time record of 6,939 TPS, set just after midnight in Japan on New Year’s eve.)

Nearly 4000 tweets a second? That’s in-freakin-credible, isn’t it? The medium of spreading the gospel 140 characters at a time is continuing to grow and refine itself daily and we love having been part of their successful ride to household name status.



This is a great service that connects homeowners and property managers with those travelers who don’t want to stay in a hotel…hence, the name of the company. I have friends that use the service and love it.

HomeAway jumped into the Super Bowl ad pool and ran a really high-quality spot, pushing the concept of a Ministry of Detourism. The visuals and production value in the ad are strong and overall, it really pushes the concept and brand. Click the image below to check it out:

HomeAway Super Bowl Ad


Arguably the most controversial ad of the Super Bowl was by our friends at Groupon, which is kinda taking over the world in the email coupon space. (You know you have a great thing going when you turn down a multi-billion dollar offer to buy you.)

But talk value is key in today’s marketing biz and they certainly got it with this ad. Click the image below to take a look:

Groupon Super Bowl Ad

The Best Ad Not Played During The Super Bowl

Oh come on, now. You’ve seen‘s spot, right? (These are some smart people that put this together.)

Dynect Active Failover

What ads did you like in the Super Bowl? What didn’t you like? Let us know in the comments below!

Josh Nason is the Inbound Marketing Manager at Dyn Inc., an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) company that features both Enterprise & SMB Email solutions including SendLabs SmartMTA and SendLabs EMS. Follow him at Twitter: @joshnason, @dyninc and @sendlabs.

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