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How Your Website Can Avoid A Super Bowl-Style Power Failure

For years, Dyn’s motto has been Uptime is the Bottom Line. Yet, it is still easy to fall victim to that one unknown weakness that no one anticipated…like at last night’s Super Bowl when there was a 34 minute delay due to a power failure. You would think of all venues, the one hosting the big game would be protected from this scenario. Yet, it still happened.

That is just the latest example illuminating how unanticipated issues result in downtime for companies every day, whether it is natural or man-made disasters, hardware failures, or just plain unexpected events. The good news is while you can’t move a Super Bowl to a new venue with a moment’s notice, you can move your internet infrastructure to a new data center with no disruption to your customers.

How is that possible? Managed DNS providers, of course.

Super Bowl Power Outage
Your website should never be in the dark. (Photo:

Running The Option

With services like ours and others, you are just a few clicks and keyboard strokes away from using Active Failover, which allows automatic failover from one endpoint to another in the event that our monitoring detects an outage. Do you have multiple endpoints that you spread traffic across? Traffic Management allows you to load balance endpoints across geographic regions, automatically shifting traffic based on which endpoints are currently operational and which are not available. This is the same technology that allows many of our clients to ensure maximum uptime.

This doesn’t get into how ridiculously overprovisioned our nearly 20 data center-strong anycast network, ensuring that any traffic spikes are handled with ease and if any of our data centers goes down due to a power outage, we still march on without missing a beat.

What About Email?

You never want to lose your email server at an inopportune time. When you are sending thousands or millions of invoices, password resets, account creations, and more by email to your customers, each individual message has to hit the inbox in a timely manner. Email infrastructure is typically a dusty server in the corner of your data center, easy to forget about and causing many groans when it stops working.

If you have a surge of signups because of your latest Super Bowl ad, a story on CNN or mention on TechCrunch, you need to be 100% confident that your emails will keep hitting your new customer’s inbox. That is where DynECT Email Delivery comes into play, scaling with your needs so that your most critical emails get delivered.

Here are just two simple examples about how partnering with an Infrastructure as a Service company ensures the maximum chance of your company’s uptime remaining at 100%.

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