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Dyn Client Focus: Stackpop Will Manage Your Infrastructure Needs

Jason Evans doesn’t think he was born an entrepreneur. In fact, the urge didn’t hit him until after he turned 30 but the CEO of Stackpop, a startup that helps companies manage their infrastructure needs, doesn’t have any regrets.

“I think I needed the experience that I gained over the years,” Evans said. “It’s easy to start a business, but it is hard to run one. You need to manage budgets and do a lot of grunt work.”

Evans, a Dyn TLC member, didn’t need grunt work.

Stackpop - Dyn ClientAt his previous job, he had an envious set up. He had established a great team that helped build a global infrastructure and spent his days going to meetings and looking at budgets. But he wanted more.

“I got bored of doing what I was doing,” Evans said. “I knew if I was going to do something different it was now or never. But getting our CTO [Aram Grigoryan] on board was the catalyst I needed.”

This all happened in 2011, but the idea for Stackpop began in 2007. Evans had long batted around the idea of an infrastructure marketplace in which companies could sell back their access data center space.

Jason Evans - Stackpop
Jason Evans, Stackpop CEO

From there, the idea grew into a holistic tool for finding and managing infrastructure. It would provide visibility into data centers in different cities and allow companies to compare and contrast what was available. After founding the company in October 2011, they released a beta version of in March 2012.

Once they got going, they realized that there was a real need by companies to manage their existing infrastructure. This service was always planned as a feature, but Evans quickly realized that it should be the primary focus.

“Companies are growing in and outside the cloud,” Evans said. “They have infrastructure all over the world. Many of these contracts expire at different times. These companies realized that they either had to hire someone internally to address this issue full-time or they could outsource it to us.”

Evans said one customer was erroneously billed $5000 from a data center and didn’t catch it until months later and by accident. He said he has built his service so that such mistakes are hard to happen, easy to catch and preventing one simple error covers the cost of the service for the year. There are many other stories just like these.

Stackpop will officially launch with ten happy customers with a goal of  30 customers by the end of 2012.

While he’s a fan of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach, –when you get your service to market as quickly as possible – handling such critical information, he can’t have any bugs in his product.

On Tuesday, Stackpop released their newest version of their site, but this is just the beginning. In the future, Evans plans to continue growing the marketplace and building the service for medium sized businesses.

“I want Directors of IT to say, ‘How did I live without this?’,” Evans said.

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