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Sprint and Cogent Repeer—For Now

Sprint re-enabled the connection between Sprint and Cogent at 21:00 UTC (16:00 EST) on Sunday, 2 Nov, 2008. Sprint issued a hastily prepared statement about the reconnection (the HTML is a cut-and-paste job from “IP/MPLS Products from Sprint”), explaining their position. Cogent hasn’t commented yet.

The connection appears to be routed much as it was before Oct 30. Previously, we saw Sprint selecting 2700-2900 prefixes from Cogent (that is, picking Cogent as the best path for that many network prefixes). We saw Cogent selecting about 7500-8000 prefixes from Sprint. Now that they have reconnected, Sprint is selecting 2538 prefixes from Cogent and Cogent is selecting 7016 from Sprint. So down slightly, but not appreciably. The link is up.

The fact that Sprint has reconnected this indicates clearly that they intend to fight this battle in court rather than in the routing tables or in the court of public opinion. This fact alone makes this likely to be one of the more interesting peering disputes of the last few years. But the resolution may take months or years, given the speed with which the courts move.

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