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Our Spring Server VPS – The Journey

When we began researching virtualization platforms for our own in-house development, we noticed a few things right away. First, we noticed there weren’t many providers available that offered virtual private server (VPS) hosting, let alone at the level we required; many service packages were too costly for the specs offered, and the cheaper offerings used platforms where resources are shared, not reserved, causing customers to compete for usage. We also noticed there’s a wide variety of virtualization platforms available – some proprietary, some open-source – and found that choosing the platform that was right for us at a price and service level that met our demands was no easy task.

After looking into the varying options, there was only one real choice for our company’s development needs: Xen. Unlike proprietary platforms such as VMware and Virtuozzo, and even other open-source platforms like OpenVZ, Xen provides us with the lowest level of customization available. By making it easy to modify a server down to the kernel level, we are able to tweak each VPS for the most utility per instance. Furthermore, while some VPS platforms like Virtuozzo allow for oversubscription with resource sharing, Xen’s resource allocations are reserved, ensuring that each machine’s resources are always available (and thus preventing unexpected shortages of clock cycles and RAM). Lastly, Xen’s excellent networking support makes the platform an ideal playground for testing and refining IPv6-based applications.

After selecting Xen for our own needs as developers, we realized there weren’t a lot of hosting solutions available that featured compelling service offers. We further realized that there was no reason we couldn’t provide a reliable, competitive VPS hosting solution at the level of quality that our customers have come to expect from our company. One thing led to another, and we are now proud to offer the Spring Server VPS solution.

Our Spring Server hosting uses a slightly modified version of the Xen platform, offering customers the same level of utility that we personally use for our own virtualization needs as developers. Xen allows a subscriber to easily increase the allocated resources of their Spring Server package at any time, while ensuring those resources are never oversold or shared between other users. Our pricing and service packages are fine-tuned to be competitive for the market; coupled with our long-standing standards of quality, reliability and technical support, we believe the Spring Server VPS hosting will help developers receive the services they need at the best available price.

We look forward to further fine-tuning our Spring Server offering with more features such as backup and additional operating systems. We’re always happy to hear from customers, both current and potential; if you have a suggestion or request for our Spring Server hosting, feel free to tell us what you think.

To check out packages for our Spring Server VPS hosting, please visit /dns/.

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