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Dynamic Network Services Inc. Releases DynDNS Spring Server

MANCHESTER, NH Dyn today announced the general availability of its virtual server platform service, DynDNS Spring Server(sm). This service will allow DynDNS users access to dedicated, super powered servers at a fraction of the cost of purchasing enterprise servers.

The DynDNS Spring Servers are the first major VPS to offer IPv6 connectivity. The Spring Server VPS complies with the recent v6 readiness mandate by the US government. The DynDNS Spring Servers provide an easy way to put content on v6 – all of the network routing is done for you.

The DynDNS Spring Server works like traditional virtual private servers. Customers purchase a portion of the computing power of one server and are able to dedicate that machine for their own use. This offers access to an extremely scalable, flexible server network to companies and consumers who wouldn’t otherwise have access to this amount of computing power.

“The Spring Server VPS provides our customers access to some serious computing power,” said Jeremy Hitchcock, CEO. “The name signifies the ease of virtual servers to provide flexible compute resources.”

Pricing for the Spring Server VPS starts at $60 a month and includes 512 MB of RAM, 20 GB Disk Storage, and 400 GB Transfer. Packages go up to 2048 MB RAM with 80 GB of Disk Storage and 1600 GB Transfer.

As with all of Dyn’s products, the DynDNS Spring Servers will not be oversold. In the future, additional operating systems and premium features will be added.

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