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Spotlight on Remote Employees: Dyn Around the World

In our last spotlight series, we introduced different members of Dyn’s Customer Experience teams. The team members hold various positions and work in all corners of the globe.

Staying in line with Dyn’s global culture, we have a large remote workforce. Today we spoke with Julie Parenteau, one of our long-standing remote employees to hear what it’s like to work remotely.

How long have you worked at Dyn and what position do you hold?

I started working for Dyn as a web developer (yes, coding!) and graphic design contractor in 2009. I was originally working for Jeremy and Kyle directly; the “Marketing Department” at the time. I was hired full-time in 2010 when my personal laptop wasn’t up to date enough to connect to the VPN. Dyn didn’t provide laptops for non-employees, so in about 10 minutes Kyle changed that. Voila, I was hired!

Where do you live/work?

pondIn the wilds of Cambridge, Maine. It’s in central Maine, 4ish hours from the MHT office. Ayep, it’s up theyah (that’s some Maine speak for “there” for those who may be confused)– but it’s really only in the middle of the state, with still much of Maine north of us. If I drive half an hour north, I’m in unorganized territories and dirt roads with no power lines on them. Then I hear this banjo playing….

How do you collaborate with your coworkers?

The norm – Hangouts, Slack, email, carrier pigeon. Google Docs has been a nice addition with the ease of shareability, commenting & real-time collaboration. And then I visit the office once a month for several days which is always great – I’m originally from East Andover, NH so I get to visit my parents & family as well.

How do you think the opportunity to work remote helps employees?

The office has many distractions – all great, don’t get me wrong! But it’s challenging to get the same amount of work done on weeks I’m in the office as I do when I’m at home (guess the deer in the clover field aren’t as excited to talk about weekend plans). Regardless of quantity of work, the quality seems better just because I can really sink in and focus on whatever project I’m working on.

What’s your favorite part of working remote for Dyn?

A ten step commute. I’ve had other jobs where the commute is up to 1.25 hours one-way and, as much as I love audiobooks, there’s just a chunk of the day gone due to commuting. It’s great that Dyn allows employees to work from home occasionally – it’s just nice to not have your life chewed up by driving. Remote or not, it’s been great working for Dyn – such an amazing group of passionate people solving challenging problems.

What do you do when you sign off?

Gardening! We have a decent sized vegetable garden and I’m constantly creating new flower beds to toss flowers I’ve started from seeds or yanked from the roadside into (I am not a gentle gardener, if it can’t grow with some abuse or neglect, I don’t want it). And, of course, garlic. We grow about a quarter acre of garlic that we sell to Fedco for seed stock and culinary sized garlic (less than 2″) goes to friends, family and Dyn!


I got my yoga teacher’s certification last summer so I teach a yoga class in a nearby town and do yoga whenever I can (one posture is better than none!). It’s been a great complement to sitting at a computer all day. We’re building our own house which is close to completion (yay!). We started building by felling the trees on our property and milling them out with a chainsaw mill. It’s been hard but rewarding work, to say the least. We fill in the cracks with tooling around Moosehead Lake or the Stonington area archipelago on our Grady White boat, camping, hiking, biking, cross-country skiing from our door or snow machining in the winter – I love adventuring of any kind!

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