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Spotlight on Customer Experience

We love our customers. Plain and simple. If it weren’t for our customers, we wouldn’t have jobs, so we strive to give them the best service possible as a form of our appreciation.

The Customer Experience team is on the front lines, handling customer service requests day in and day out. Since the team is such a critical part of Dyn’s success, we wanted to spotlight some of these team members so you can get to know the team a little bit better.

My first victim willing participant was Jason.


Kelly: How long have you worked at Dyn and what position do you hold?

Jason: I’ve been with Dyn for roughly 4 years working as a Customer Service Representative. Prior to my position at Dyn, I worked as a TV news camera man. A friend started telling me about this great company he worked for and that I should check it out. He was right! The culture was nothing I experienced before. I knew I had to apply.

Kelly: What is your favorite customer service story where you were able to dig someone out of the trenches?

Jason: A user accidentally changed the IP address to his host name in his account. He had some theft in his neighborhood and was concerned being away on vacation. It’s the worst when you can’t relax on your time off. I guided him to his update logs and he was able to regain connection. He was relieved and could finally enjoy his time off.

Kelly: Do you have any horror stories?

Jason: I loved the R.L. Stine stories as a kid…Wait…Do you mean for work? Ha Ha.

Kelly: What is your favorite response you have received from a customer after helping them out?

Jason: A customer offered to buy us drinks for helping him. I don’t recall the exact circumstance, but he was very appreciative.

Kelly: What do you do in your free time when you are not at Dyn?

Jason: Spend time with the family, collect comics, build prop replicas, and sleep. Sleep is hard to come by. People with kids know what I’m talking about. Some prop replicas I’ve built are a Proton pack and a ghost trap. Yes, I’m like a big kid.

Kelly: What do you think makes Dyn’s customer experience the best in the industry?

Jason: We genuinely care about the customer’s experience, and strive to solve problems quickly.

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